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T hank Y ou , M om

For Everything You Did for Us

I think the reason earth is sometimes called “Mother Earth” is because mothers bring forth all kinds of new growth. They nurture their offspring and help them grow in a positive direction. That’s what a mother is supposed to do, and I think that even if you didn’t know your birth mother, everyone at least has had a mother figure who fits this description. My mother definitely did all she could to give my siblings and me the best possible life growing up. My parents were married and divorced twice, and as much as mom really wanted to give us a two-parent household, that wasn’t always possible. When my sisters and I were teenagers, our mom was the one who took care of us. She acknowledged and supported my dreams. She never wanted us to have to worry about money, so she told us to learn a skill set that would always be in demand and to get a well-rounded college education. For 18 years growing up, she made sure we had three meals a day, every day. I look back now and realize she wasn’t just filling our bellies, she was filling our souls! She was a superwoman, and she set us up for success.

I think one of the most important things I learned from my mom was how to treat women right. I was the only guy in my house, with just my mom and two sisters. I became very sensitive to how I treated women. If I was with a girlfriend, I would think: Is this how I would want someone to treat my mom? My mom also gave me a heart. I never wanted to disappoint my mother in anything because if I disappointed my mom, that’s how I knew I really screwed up. My dad was the disciplinarian in my household when I was little, so disappointing him was a little more normal. If my mom expressed disappointment, I would apologize and do everything I could to make it right.

–Duane Hamilton done, and she let me off the hook. My mom sacrificed for us every day without complaining. She protected us from a lot of the hardships she went through, and to me, that’s godly. In the Bible, it says that God sacrificed his son Jesus Christ for us, and that love makes me think of the love that undergirds all the sacrifices parents make for their kids. To all of you who are moms and use the good years of your lives to take care of your kids, thank you. just go off on me, but I think she knew that I didn’t know exactly what I had



I was a very mischievous child, and Mom was always coming to my rescue. One time, not knowing what it was exactly, I stole a $100 bill out of my dad’s wallet. My dad was livid when he found out, and before he could really give it to me, Mom told me to get in bed. She could have let my dad

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