Sept/Oct 2018

How does the CRRC address the nuances of the metal industry supply chain? The supply chain for coated metal products is an- other unique aspect of the industry that poses a chal- lenge and opportunity for the CRRC Product Rating Program. Unlike many roofing product types where the manufacturer typically makes and sells the end product, the supply chain for coated metal products involves additional players, such as the paint produc- er, coil coater, and fabricator. To address this nuance, the CRRC allows one product to reference another product’s ratings. For example, a paint producer will rate their product with the CRRC, and the fabricator, who turns the coil-coated metal into the final roofing product, obtains a CRRC product rating by referenc- ing the existing CRRC product ratings obtained by the paint producer. For CRRC ratings, the reference product requires approval by the paint company; the paint producer remains anonymous. The roofing product seller will then use its own brand and model name for the product they bring to market. CRRC reference rat- ings are also used for other products that are sold by a company other than the original manufacturer, or for products that are sold under two different brand

To establish a Color Family Group, one factory- coated metal product is initially tested by an indepen- dent test lab followed by three-weathering at three designated U.S. climate zones and aged testing. This product becomes the Representative Element for the Color Family Group. Other products can be added to the Color Family Group as Additional Elements after they complete initial testing. These products will inherit the three-year aged values of the Representa- tive Element.

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