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about five hours to attend each appointment because of transportation,” says Kavanagh. When she heard the health unit opened a seniors dental clinic in Woodstock at the Oxford County Community Health Centre, she immediately completed an application and sent it in to qualify for the program. So far, the health unit has reported a positive response to the program from seniors and the community alike. “We have been truly moved by the response of seniors who have qualified for the program. For many, this program offers a chance to have oral health and function restored and pain reduced,” says David Smith who directs the oral health program at Southwestern Public Health. “These clients are incredibly grateful to receive care.” Eligibility requires applicants are aged 65 or older, meet low-income requirements, and have no other dental health benefits. Income will be verified as part of the application process. Additional details and applications are available at or in person at Southwestern Public Health’s Woodstock and St. Thomas locations and CommunityHealthCentres inOxford, Elgin andSt. Thomas. Kavanagh’s first visit was in February and she intends to return. For her, good oral care means much more than just being cavity-free. “I feel like I am being recognized as a person,” she says. “It’s terrible for the self-esteem if you’re missing teeth or you feel like you can’t smile. We should all be able to smile.”

Local program brings affordable dental care to seniors Although three quarters of Canadians saw a dental professional in the past year, 22 per cent avoided dental care simply because of the cost. Woodstock resident Darlene Kavanagh is one of those Canadians who has opted out of visiting her dentist in recent years. As a senior citizenwith limited incomeandnodental benefits, Kavanagh found the cost to keep up her regular dental visits was too high to continue. “I know the importance of oral health and dentist visits, especially as someone who has diabetes. I know I should be going – but it would cut into my finances quite a bit. Who can afford these services on an Old Age pension? I just couldn’t justify it anymore.” Recently, Ontario’s Ministry of Health launched the new Seniors Dental Care Program to give eligible low-income seniors access to basic dental services at no cost. Funding for the program was announced in November and clinics have begun operating through public health units across the province, including at Southwestern Public Health in Woodstock and St. Thomas. “I was going to a dentistry school in London once or twice a year, but travel was difficult for me. It took me

(519) 207-3837 Your local source for: • Live Edge Slabs • Live Edge Furniture & Décor, Charcuterie Boards • EcoPoxy Epoxies & Dyes • OSMO, Walrus Oil & Odie’s Oil Wood Finishes • AK Fix Adhesives • Live Edge Accessories & Hardware • Workshops and Seminars (Epoxy, Charcuterie, etc.) • Custom Kiln Drying & Slab Surfacing

All of Everwood’s slabs and lumber are sourced and salvaged locally. We specialize in Black Walnut and other desired hardwood and softwood varieities.

Everwoods • Elgin Centre 417 Wellington St., St. Thomas ON

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Get out and explore with Erie Fun Tours By Staci Rae

So many of us are so busy in our everyday lives that we don’t get out and explore the places we live and other nearby places. It’s time to change that! The time to explore and make some memories is now, and Erie Fun Tours is here to help! Co-owner Jen Slack says, “We started the company because we moved into Port Stanley, a tourist town. Originally, the idea was to appeal to people who were visiting the town, to take them around to nearby areas like Sparta, Pinecroft, the lavender farm, and the wineries. Then, it evolved from that.” Today, Erie Fun Tours offers scheduled public tours to a variety of events, such as theatre shows, wine tours, and other events. These include trips such as to see musicals like Hamilton , plays such as Come From Away , a Grand River tour, and many others. For these tours, you can go with a group of friends or simply hop on board yourself! “By the end of the day, you’ve made new friends!” promises Jen. Pick up locations for public tours include St. Thomas, Port Stanley, Aylmer, Tillsonburg and sometimes London. They also can be hired for private tours, in which only your invited guests are on the bus for a trip to your desired location. (One time, they took 22 people on a

wine tour for a 70th birthday!). The best part of hiring Erie Fun Tours for your private event is that they are the experts and everything is looked after for you. “There’s no driving, you get a new experience, and all of the details are taken care of – it’s a no-stress day!” There are always new things being planned by Erie Fun Tours. They strive to appeal to a variety of people, age groups, and interests. To stay up to date on upcoming trips, check out their website at and their Facebook page. Alternatively, you can call them at 1-833-ErieFun to find out all the fun details!

Southwestern Public Health ARE YOU ELIGIBLE FOR FREE DENTAL CARE? Under the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program, eligible low income seniors* may qualify to receive free, basic dental care, including check-ups, x-rays, broken tooth or cavity repair and removal of teeth or abnormal tissues. They may also qualify to receive treatment for gum disease, infections and pain. Applications are available at Southwestern Public Health, Central Community Health Centre and West Elgin Community Health Centre. For more details, call Southwestern Public Health at 519-631-9900 or visit

Spring in your Step

LORI McFARLANE Ph: 519-631-2105 226-238-1774 Advanced Foot Care in the Privacy of your Home • Calluses, Corns, Thickened Nails • Diabetic Foot Care, Foot and Nail Fungus • Cracked Heels April Weaver Registered Practical Nurse since 2000 Business Insured

1256 Talbot Street St. Thomas ON N5P 1G9 Hours Mon – Closed Tuesday-Friday 9:30-5:00 Saturday 10:00-2:00

*Income will be verified to determine eligibility.

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New car features perfect for senior drivers By Staci Rae

A recent report found that 70 percent of drivers 65 years of age or older suffer from a variety of difficulties, from diminished visual acuity to arthritis which can make driving more challenging. Fortunately, automakers are now offering a wide variety of features in their new rollouts that can help older drivers stay behind the wheel safely and more comfortably longer. Of course, it’s imperative to listen to your body (and your doctor!) and hang up your keys when the time comes, but in the meantime, everyone can use a little extra comfort behind the wheel. • Forward auto-breaking: This feature allows the vehicle’s braking system to take over and automatically apply the brakes to help avoid a crash if the driver isn’t responding quickly enough. This can be enormously helpful for older drivers whose reflexes may not be what they used to be. • Lane departure/blind spot warning: These features warn the driver when they something is in their blind spot, facilitating safer lane changes, for example, or alerts the driver when they may start to inadvertently drift across lane markers. • Adaptive cruise control: This feature allows drivers to set a preferred speed and a safe distance from the traffic in front, with the vehicle slowing down or speeding up automatically when required. • Day/night mirrors: Some vehicles now offer automatic-dimming rear-view and side mirrors, which can greatly reduce the glare that can make nighttime driving challenging. • Self-parking systems: Drivers who may have reduced range of motion in their upper body, making twisting around to see behind them to safely manoeuvre into a parking space a challenge, will greatly benefit for this

feature. Self-parking systems automatically steer the vehicle into a parallel parking space, leaving the driver only to shift gears and manage the brake pedal. These are just a few of the options available to make driving easier, safer, and more comfortable. Whether you’re a senior looking to purchase a vehicle for yourself or someone looking to assist an aging parent to find a new car, you may want to look for a vehicle that offers features like these that can help, keep them safe.


• Three freshly prepared meals daily • Weekly housekeeping and laundry • À la carte care services available • Medication Administration • And much more...

• Engrave on natural stones • Offer pet memorial stones • Restore older monuments • Order vases and urns 519.633.1591 Visit our show room at 220 Edward St., St. Thomas

519-631-9393 I 45 METCALFE ST, ST. THOMAS, ON

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Thinking ahead: Renovations to do today so you can stay in your home longer By Staci Rae One of the challenges most of us face as we get older is that of being able to live safely and independently in our homes as our health and mobility issues change. But, by thinking ahead a little and making a few changes in your home now, you are investing in your future and increasing the likelihood that you’ll be able to stay in your home longer in the future. Eliminate the need for stairs Stairs may not be a problem for you today, but they are one of the primary obstacles for many seniors when it comes to staying in their own homes. Create a step-free entry into your home and, if you don’t already, consider renovating to accommodate a main-floor bedroom and bathroom. Remove tripping hazards Loose area rugs, cords near the floor, and uneven floor transitions can be tripping hazards for anyone, but particularly so for older adults with mobility concerns. Remove or secure rugs, install “mini ramps” to even out floor transitions and secure any loose cords. Consider your flooring Non-slip flooring options abound these days, and they can go a long way toward ensuring your home is safer

by minimizing falling risk, one of the primary causes of injury among older adults. Ceramic tile, for example, can be very slippery when wet (such as when you come

Hours of Operation Tuesday – Friday 10am-6pm Saturday 8am-3pm Closed on all statutory holidays

CLOSED FRIDAY APRIL 19 TO OBSERVE GOOD FRIDAY Hours will be reduced during the winter months. Household Hazardous waste accepted on Saturdays only. Please visit for more information including, accepted items, fee structure and helpful tips. 330 South Edgeware Road, St. Thomas Ontario 519-631-1680 ext. 4258

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Install handrails Handrails may not be something you think about when you are young and steady on your feet, but as we get older the need for handrails becomes important. Be sure your existing rails are sturdy and in good shape and install additional rails where they may be required in the future. This may include placing rails along both sides of the stairs and along the edge of your deck or patio, for example. Widen doors and hallways Unless you’ve had to navigate through standard-width doors and hallways with a wheelchair or walker, you may not realize how challenging it can be. By taking stock of your door widths now and widening them where necessary (such as your main entryway and hallway, your bedroom and bathroom, etc.) you’ll increase your mobility later. Improve the lighting Even if you never experience serious mobility issues in your senior years, there’s a pretty good chance your eyes won’t be as good as they once were. By improving the lighting in your home now, you’ll increase visibility and reduce Bathrooms pose a few challenges for older adults and others with mobility concerns. Installing grab bars in the tub and near the toilet and/or renovating your bathroom to include a walk-in tub or shower can go a long way toward mitigating those risks by lessening the chance of falling. Also, by making these changes you can maintain your personal care independence longer, which is very important. No one wants to think about a time when our mobility and health may make staying in our own homes a challenge. However, but taking a forward-thinking approach today and making some adjustments to your living space before you need them can allow you to stay in your home longer as you get older. the risk of accidents later. Renovate the bathroom

indoors with wet shoes). Carpet can also pose mobility issues. Photo courtesy of The Walkin Tub Company

They give us the greatest gift…. their time

Respiratory Home Services Respiratory Home Service

We provide: • Home Oxygen Therapy • CPAP / Sleep Apnea Supplies • Respiratory Equipment and Supplies 519.631.2030 x 2410 •

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Saint Thomas Cemetery Company Owns and operates St. Thomas Cemetery and South Park Cemetery 67 West Ave, St. Thomas • 519-631-2038 Pre-Planning • Plots • Cremation Garden Monuments and More!

233 Edward Street, St. Thomas, ON phone: 519-633-1580 fax: 519-633-8531

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Building relationships and making an impact by Carolyn Johnson Marketing and Fund Development Big Brothers Big Sisters of St. Thomas-Elgin

Every time someone becomes a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters, they are helping build relationships that express care, challenge growth, provide support, share power, and expand possibilities for kids in this community. “Ourmission is to enable life-changingmentoring relationships to ignite the power and potential in our young people,” says Barb Matthews, Executive Director of BBBS of St. Thomas Elgin. “We follow a targeted plan to meet the needs of area youth by intentionally recruiting based on the child’s need with a professionally screened volunteer mentor, and we monitor and support that match with a professional caseworker.” The St. Thomas Elgin agency serves close to 250 kids in our community through traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters matches, in-school mentoring matches, Go Girls, Game On group mentoring programs, and monthly group activities for the kids on the waiting list and matches. “Our volunteers are the reason we are able to run so many successful programs for our kids” says Barb. “Our programs create measurable outcomes by building relationship skills, social awareness, responsible decision- making, self-management, and self-awareness. They also

build positive identity, social inclusion, and empowerment to help change the way our kids see their future.” Grant Finnigan and Noah have just celebrated their 2 year anniversary as a Big and Little match with BBBS of St. Thomas Elgin. Grant is a firefighter in Trenton, Ontario but lives here in Elgin County and is also on our agency recruitment committee. Grant has noticed that since their match started Noah has more self-confidence and he stays motivated because Noah is open to learning new things. Grant jokingly adds it is never dull hanging out with his little brother. Noah agrees with his big brother, stating that “the best part of being with Grant is all the new things I get to learn like rotating tires, changing the oil, riding my bike, and fixing engines.” BBBS of St. Thomas Elgin is very thankful for all the volunteers that support their many programs, but they can always use more. Currently, 80 kids are waiting for a mentor in both the community and school-based programs. Be the spark that ignites power and potential in a young person’s life today. Volunteer by contacting the office 519-633-3830 or visiting the website Celebrating their 2 year anniversary, Grant Finnigan, Big Brother and his Little Brother Noah pose for a photo in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of St. Thomas Elgin office.

Ignite Power & Potential

Be the spark. Volunteer today! Call 519-633-3830 or visit

“The STEGH Auxiliary proudly supports patient care excellence through fundraising. This special group of volunteers are always ready with unlimited smiles and cheery words for staff, patients and their families. This dynamic team is passionate about serving their Hospital, and are genuine Healthcare Heroes.”

STEGH Auxiliary Proud Supporters and Donors

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Volunteers, we celebrate you! by Jessica Zehr, VON Program Coordinator National Volunteer Week is annual week of celebration providing organizations with an opportunity to officially thank the volunteers and recognize their contributions of time and energy poured into the community through volunteerism. Volunteers contribute important work in our communities, providing organizations with much needed program support helping to sustain healthy community life which greatly benefits the people who reside in it. Volunteers invest their time in short term, long term, daily, weekly or even yearly activities, helping organizations, communities, neighbours and friends meet the needs of others. A thriving community is one where people give their time to help one another. Volunteers are a vital part of our country’s economy, donating approximately 2 billion hours a year. Our communities value the work that our volunteers do whether it be a community-wide clean-up, driving people to appointments, delivering Meals On Wheels, or helping at a fundraising event, the contributions our volunteers offer are more than just the hours they put in. It’s the commitment and compassion they have for bettering the lives of others that make the work they do so appreciated in our communities. VON Community Support Services V olunteers are conduits of action, connection and hope. Like a stone thrown into a pond, a volunteer’s support can create a ripple effect on the life of a child, family and community.  Even the smallest act of kindness can bring about great change.  Volunteers are an integral part of child welfare services. They are an interwoven part of our team and their contributions help create context, which allows children and families to be safe, stay connected and increase their capacity to thrive. Over the past year our volunteers have shown their support by serving in a variety of roles including Board members, volunteer drivers, mentors, tutors and aids at special events.  Thank you, your impact helps us carry on. Our agency is undertaking a new model of practice called Signs of Safety. At the core, this model revolves around a strength-based, and safety- focused approach, which is grounded in partnership and collaboration. It necessitates that we identify networks that can support children and families helping to contribute to their safety and well-being. 

Thanking volunteers is a year-long commitment and one that should go beyond that specific designated week. Being intentional about thanking our dedicated volunteers is essential in ensuring each and every one of them understands how appreciated and valued they really are. A simple “thank you” or card for a job well done is often enough to acknowledge your appreciation for the time they have so generously given. VON would like to extend a “thank you” to all volunteers who donate their time helping those in need in St. Thomas and Elgin County. The time you give to our community is much appreciated!

Thank you to the many volunteers who help make our

community a better place!

For More Information or volunteering opportunities Contact VON at 519-637-6408 or 1-800-201-0909

We believe the adage: ‘it takes a village to raise child’. Thus over the next few years, while we implement our new model, we want to increase our connections, help build capacity and utilize the abundance of skills and assets our community possesses. Volunteers will be at the forefront of this journey with us. Our volunteers exemplify moving compassion into action, which drives a growing sense that we are all connected. By working together we can build a stronger and safer community. We want to create a pool of volunteers that share our values and are ready to make some ripples within the community. We are seeking drivers, mentors, teachers and, more generally, those who want to lend a helping hand. Strong communities are built around families and in addition to our call to leverage our capacity through volunteer efforts, we are also looking for compassionate individuals who may be interested in becoming foster parents. If you are interested in being a part of our community, please contact us at 519-631-1492 ext. 151, or visit

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sometimes they just may have not made the most nutritious choice and once the school day begins, they need more fuel. Or when it comes to afternoon snack time, lunch kits might be empty as is their belly. We know that well-nourished students attend school more regularly and are better able to concentrate and thanks to our A+ volunteers, being able to access healthy food choices throughout the school day helps make a difference. Serving almost 10,000 students daily takes money and manpower and although our community has been generous with both we could always use more. Volunteers contribute time that fits their schedules, whether an hour or two, mornings or afternoons, daily or weekly, our programsoffertheflexibilitytoworkwithanyinterestedvolunteer’s timetable. And with programs running in schools across Elgin- St. Thomas, from Rodney to Port Burwell to Port Stanley and everywhereinbetween,wecanoftenfindaplacementinyourvery own neighbourhood. For more information contact Charlotte McDonald at 519-207-1040 or April cover photo taken at Backus-Page House Museum by Staci Rae

Apples + Volunteers = Success Charlotte McDonald, Community Development Coordinator, EAT 2 LEARN - OSNP Elgin “Many hands make light work.” At least we think so at EAT 2 LEARN Elgin. The thousands of children and youth that access healthy breakfasts and nutritious snacks each day at school would not be able to do so if it wasn’t for the many dedicated volunteers that support school nutrition programs in our community. Whether it’s the weekly grocery shopping, preparing fruit, bagels or cereal, or assisting with fundraising efforts, volunteers are integral to the success of our food programs operating in 32 local elementary and secondary schools. Our volunteers are parents, grandparents, community members, and some- times a close neighbour to a school, all who want to contribute but who may not be at ease with a reading program or driving for field trips. Many people are more comfortable in helping through food. Sometimes being greeted by a warm and friendly “good morning” along with a bowl of hot oatmeal is all it takes to give a student the best start to their school day. And hearing a voice other than your mom’s telling you to eat your veggies can make the request a bit more bearable. Children arrive at school hungry for a whole range of reasons: early bus schedules, morning extra-curricular activities, busy work schedules and yes, occasionally limited family finances. This isn’t to say that children haven’t had breakfast but

Looking for a New Shed this Spring?

Let us make the CustomMade, Locally Built Shed Your Back Yard Deserves! Hand Crafted – Custom Built Mini Barns • Work Sheds • Play Houses Pool Change Rooms

Since 1974 10055 Carter Rd.

GET INVOLVED UNTEER Thank You to the PSFT Volunteers. We couldn’t do it without you! Do you love theatre and the magic of live performance? Are you looking for an opportunity to contribute to your community while promoting the Arts? PortStanley FestivalTheatre If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact the Box Office Manager 519-782-4353 or email: PSFT VOLUNTEER NIGHT is Tuesday April 28 at 6:30pm (attendance is mandatory)

OUR VOLUNTEERS ARE A+ For the 2018-2019 school year, we served 1,542,996 breakfasts and snacks and had more than 20,000 volunteer hours contributed.

Call 519-207-1040 or email: Please consider joining our team!

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What is the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Auxiliary? by Carrie Ford, STEGH Foundation

To all of our many volunteers Thank you! If you would like to volunteer please give us a call for more info!

An Auxiliary member can be anyone over the age of 18 who wants to help raise funds to support patient care excellence at the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH). We may be different ages, shapes, and sizes, but our red coats unite us as proud supporters of OUR Hospital. The Auxiliary was re-constituted in 1982, and we have a long and successful history of supporting patient care through fundraising. We are very pleased to share that since that time, we have collectively raised more than $2.1 million for equipment such as stretchers, monitors, beds, CT Scanner, and so much more! Today, over sixty active members take part in a variety of activities throughout the year. These include bake sales, fashion shows, bus trips, as well as annual opportunities at Canadale Nurseries to operate the food booth and sell raffle tickets. We also organize annual professional musical tribute concerts with net proceeds helping us to further our fundraising efforts. Within the hospital itself, volunteers sell HELPP break open tickets. Nevada tickets are sold at the Wellington Street Variety Store (Wellington and First), and we are very grateful to be their designated charity. Our “Gift Box” gift shop – located next to the Atrium Café in the hospital’s South Building – sells a variety of items from clothing, cards, and sundries, to giftware and jewelry. The Gift Box has a wonderful reputation in our community for its stylish seasonal clothing, and we often sell to local residents who come to the hospital just to visit our shop and to see what’s new. Many STEGH Auxilians have become life-long friends as they work together on projects and activities. It’s the added bonus for all that they do. If you are interested in volunteering with the STEGH Auxiliary, please contact Membership Coordinator Linda Baldwin at 519.773.8577 or

250 Burwell Rd., St. Thomas 519-631-1030

JEFF YUREK, MPP Elgin-Middlesex-London Here to help you with any of the following provincial matters Monday through Friday, 10:00 - 4:30: Ontario Disability Support Program OHIP Cards • Driver’s Licences Ontario Works • Birth Certificates P: 519-631-0666 • T: 1-800-265-7638 750 Talbot St, Unit 201 St. T h omas, ON N5P 1E2 Email: JEFF YUREK, MPP Elgin-Middlesex-London Here to help you with any of the following provincial matters Monday through Friday, 10:00 - 4:30: Ontario Disability Support Program OHIP Cards • Driver’s Licences Ontario Works • Birth Certificates P: 519-631-0666 • T: 1-800-265-7638 750 Talbot St, Unit 201 St. T h omas, ON N5P 1E2 Email: P: 519-631-0666 • T: 1-800-265-7638 750 Talbot St, Unit 201, St. Thomas ON N5P 1E2 Email: jeff.yur

Ontario A heartfelt thank you to all the many residents of Elgin County who make our community better by volunteering!


St. Thomas Seniors’ Centre 225 Chestnut (519) 633-2850 Thank you to all our amazing volunteers!

We would like to thank all our volunteer Crisis Responders 613 Talbot Street, Unit 104 St. Thomas 519-631-3182

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Railway Pinafore Jumbo

Brewing Dalewood Art

Horton Waterworks Elevated

Trains Legends Briwood

Courthouse Mugfords Proud

Stars Thornton Geerlinks

Streamliners Preston Yurek


St. Thomas’ Most Beautiful Cemetery Talk to us about our Lots • Columbarium • Markers and Laser Engraving


Community Recycling Centre is also closed Good Friday Those who are normally scheduled for Good Friday, put your waste out on Monday April 13th by 7am (519) 631-1680

190 Wilson Ave., St. Thomas 519-631-5530

Park Elmdale Memorial

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Toys from the 50 s and 60 s

Across 5 Funky-haired dolls 8 This doll was very “Chatty” 9 Mr. _____ Head 10 Right hand green 13 Ken’s main squeeze 15 Flying disc great for the beach 16 The walking burro 18 The game where you’re the doctor 20 Game about finding King Kandy 21 Everyone knows it’s ... 22 _____ Trap

Down 1 These cars were kid powered 2 Go from Dr. Possum’s house to Uncle _____ 3 Hula _____ 4 Small cars the size of a _____ 6 Look at your disks in a View_____ 7 My spy takes your marshall 11 Rock’em Sock’em 12 The Caped Crusader 14 Ann and Andy 17 Watch your own flea _____ 19 More fun than a barrel of _____

Trust the professionals for all your moving needs! REEMAN THE MOVER LTD.

Visit the Hometown St. Thomas Facebook Page for the Crossword answers.

St. Thomas

• Local & Long Distance Moving • Commercial & Residential Moves • Senior Citizen & Student Discounts • Packing & Crating Service • Moving Supplies • Storage Facilities • Heavy Moving Specialist (pianos, safes, etc.)

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Spring into Ron's tomake sure your car is Road-Ready!

A/C Service • Seasonal Tire Change Tire Alignment • Oil Change And all other maintenance & repairs!

519-633-6130 255 Edward St., St. Thomas

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Three petite problems with performance evaluations by Terry Carroll As part of my job, I participate in an annual performance evaluation. There’s something reassuring about those words “annual

But can I? Can you teach an old dog a new way to roll over? Maybe! I just Googled, “Can old people learn?” and the first thing that came up was this: “Researchers have discovered that older people compensate for cognitive decline by using different areas of the brain to perform the same ‘thinking tasks’ as younger people. Old brains can learn new tricks!” The source is which sounds almost as reassuring as “audited financial statement” or “annual performance evaluation,” until you notice the article was from 1999, kind of an old post for a source of daily science news. The third problem is I. Twice during my annual performance evaluation, I have made the case that I am about average at a wide variety of things. And twice the evaluator has thought I was faking modesty. However, both parts of what I was trying to get across are true: (a) I am a little below average, average, or slightly above average (b) at a wide variety of things. At a certain stage, this combination is exactly what an organization needs: someone who shows up every day and can adequately handle lots of different things. Over time, this will change. My employers may need to find somebody who is outstanding at donor relationships and/or great at running special events and/or an expert at marketing, and so on. And I will either have to get really good at compensating for cognitive decline by using different areas of the brain to perform ‘thinking tasks’ or say, “Au revoir.” Now French, perhaps this is another area in which I could become somewhat average, après mon emploi. Think I’m not being realistic? Ne juge pas que tu ne sois pas jugé. (Merci beaucoup, Google translator).

performance evaluation.” They’re in a ballpark with “audited financial statements.” They roll off the tongue reasonably well, inspire confidence, sound like we are doing things right. And I’m sure we are, especially with the audit. When it comes to performance evaluations, there are three little problems. The first one is me. In this area, I’m with Acts 20:35 (I love you Google) which quotes no less an authority than Jesus as saying, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Who am I to argue? He and I are on the same page with this one. I would much rather give an evaluation to someone else than receive an evaluation from someone else. To me, this seems natural. I’m fine with making judgments about others: People who cut me off in traffic, friends who don’t respect my many well-thought-out theories, bosses who … (some sentences were never intended to be finished). But I’m simply not fond of being judged. What can I say? It’s a weakness, we all have them, and we should admit them when being evaluated. The second problem is myself. I am a senior. It strikes me that annual performance evaluations are based on the idea that I, the evaluatee, can change, that I can grow, that I can improve. oomers B and E YOND B Geoffrey Rae Manager/Sales • 519-495-7177 Staci Rae Editor – Publisher – Barb Botten Graphic Artist – Cathy Wood Photos, community events and article suggestions welcome. Please email We look forward to hearing from you.

June 27 & 28 Gates open 10am-6pm St. Thomas Municipal Airport

Static Display, Vintage AirCraft, Helicopter Rides, Flight Simulators, Kids Zone, Interactive Display and more!

New this year, "Beyond All Limits" our Black Tie Gala

Proceeds to local charities

Want the ultimate airshow experience? Check out our Captains Club ticket option! To buy tickets, or more show information go to

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Presenting St. Thomas & Elgin County’s Community Events Free listings compliments of Williams Funeral Home Send your event details to by the 16th for the next issue • 45 Elgin Street, St. Thomas (519) 631-0850

Allan Hughson (Owner-Funeral Director)

OPEN FOR YOUR BUSINESS! These local restaurants are still open and ready to offer you and your family take-out or delivery. Please make sure you help support our many great local restaurants! Where’s the Community Calendar? At the time of writing this, St. Thomas and much of the world is under a mandate of social distancing in an effort to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In light of that, therewere very fewevents, if any, still taking place in our community, whichwould havemade putting together a useful calendar very challenging. In addition, we felt that it was our responsibility to encourage our community to respect the social distancing order and to not congregate in groups for the time being. As much as it hurts us to see our vibrant community having to stay indoors and separated from one another, especially as the sunny days of spring arrive, we believe in protecting the safety of all of us as a whole and we know that, as challenging as the times are right now, better days are ahead. Stay safe, St. Thomas, and look for the Community Calendar here in this spot once again very soon! NOTE: Should the quarantine be over by the time this magazine reaches you, and you know of an event that is going ahead in April or May as planned, please do contact us with the information. We’ll be more than happy to share the details on our social media channels! St. Thomas Trivia St. Thomas has been closely associated with Jumbo the Elephant since that fateful day in 1885. But how much do we really know about this giant pachyderm? Let’s find out! Jumbo was purchased by P.T. Barnum from which zoo? And how much was paid for him? According to P.T. Barnum, what is the name of the other elephant Jumbo tried so valiantly to save? The Jumbo statue we all love has been on display since 1985. In which province/state did the artist sculpt Jumbo before he was transported to St. Thomas? Answers can be found on our Facebook page.

Boston Pizza (519) 631-7007

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Hammersley's Fish 'N Chips (519) 633-7914 Harry's Charcoal Broiled

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FORGET BATTERIES WITH OUR LATEST RECHARGEABLE HEARING AIDS! Here’s what Amplifon’s breakthrough technology means for you! · Enjoy a full day of listening on a single charge · Save money- no need to buy replacement batteries · No more trying to find or fumbling with tiny batteries


Book a complimentary hearing test today! 226.212.4582 ST. THOMAS 519.245.2332 STRATHROY 519.287.5757 GLENCOE 519.471.1115 KOMOKA 519.268.3030 DORCHESTER 519.642.2200 LONDON 519.425.1783 INGERSOLL

Amplifon is a leader in hearing healthcare, serving more than 5 million satisfied customers worldwide.


*Offer valid on select models and discount is applicable to binaural purchase, the second aid only. Cannot be combined with other discounts. **Financing offer valid on purchases above $2000 before tax. See clinic for details. Expires 12/31/2020

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