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Packaging” (2014), and the updated Fibre Box Handbook (2015). Glenn has participated in numerous TAPPI Stan- dards and TIPs reviews during his 26 years of member- ship with TAPPI and has made many contributions to the industry during his 40-year career. Richard (Dick) Lund is the recipient of the 2021 Division Technical Award and Harry J. Bettendorf Prize, which rec- ognizes outstanding accomplishments or contributions, which have advanced technology or processes in the cor- rugated industry. Lund has been a TAPPI member since 1983 and has participated as a member of the South Cen-

The Outgoing Division and Committee Chairs who have served the corrugated division in leadership roles over

the past several years include Jeff Quinn, Corrugated Division Chair; John Semenske, Corbotec Committee Chair; Stephen Bur- nett, Fiscotec Committee Chair; Ed Stuczynski, Technical Pro- gram Chair; Ell Townsend, Awards & Scholarship Chair; and Greg Jones, Supplier Committee Chair. the Division’s members, is Glenn Rogers. Glenn is the former Chair of both the Corrugated Technical Committee (Corbotec) and the Fiberboard Testing Committee (Fiscotec), a current appointed member of TAPPI’s Corrugated Packaging Council, and a mem- ber of the Fibre Box Association

tral TAPPI Local Section and the Chicago TAPPI Local Section. He has given several technical pre- sentations at TAPPI conferences and participated on both the Corrugated Technical Committee (Corbotec) and the Fiberboard Testing Committee (Fiscotec). Dick’s participation in the Stan-

Chris Krumm

This year’s recipient of the David A. Carlson Division Leadership and Service Award, which recognizes an indi- vidual for outstanding leadership and exceptional service which has resulted in significant and lasting benefits to

Dick Lund

dards Division of TAPPI include being a Working Group Chair, and participating in 41 Standard Specific Interest Groups. His numerous contributions to other industry technical associations include membership in the Ameri- can Chemical Society for 46 years, member of the former AF&PA Technical Committee, representative for WY and LFC on the Fibre Box Association Technical Committee, CONTINUED ON PAGE 16

Glenn Rogers

Technical Committee. He has helped create the Corru- gated chapter in the college text book “Fundamentals of


September 27, 2021

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