Board Converting News, September 27, 2021

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speeds across the plant. “Managers are happy,” Santiago says. “Since imple- mentation, we’ve seen many improvements. We have visibility of real-time production, which has been greatly improved. We like the real-time aspect of how the software delivers information to us.”

AC4D, a shop-floor production intelligence platform, automatically collects real-time production data, including counts, press status, speed, and other critical information from running equipment. Integrating directly into the Radi- us MIS/ERP system, AC4D provides critical data that allows managers to improve production processes, decrease waste and downtime, increase output and optimize esti- mating and production. Malnove management was also seeking better perfor- mance dashboards and plant-view visibility that sheeter operators would have access to, in order to track their productivity. “We did our research and really liked how user-friendly AC4D is to learn and operate, and how easily we could train our operators to use it,” says Santiago. “Visually, AC4D is a clean system that makes it more intuitive to use.” Less Waste, More Efficiency Improved data collection is already underway in the two Malnove plants that have installed AC4D. Malnove currently captures data including the number of sheets that pass through the presses and the number of cartons that run through the system. With this solution, AC4D can accurately calculate and report on production times. The implementation of AC4D has resulted in better under- standing of down periods and a more nuanced view of productivity, with its ability to calculate average equipment

He continues, “We know the downtimes on the ma- chines; we understand why and how long they’re down for. We are scheduling jobs more efficiently. When we do experience downtime, we can drill down to investigate Last year, Malnove decided to continue its modernization and centralize its data-collection capacity by integrating EFI Au- to-Count 4D shop floor data collection technology, gaining full- plant visibility on the entire operation, among other benefits.


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September 27, 2021

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