Board Converting News, September 27, 2021

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why so many repairs are needed, for example, and figure out how to fix the situation.” Efficiency is improving and throughput is increasing. “We can improve production throughputs because we have the knowledge,” explains Santiago. “The ability to track waste is key for us as well.” Prior to installing AC4D, operators had no idea what they had accomplished at the end of their shifts. “The ad- vanced shop floor data collection system shows them how productive they’ve been,” said Santiago. Smooth Installation With the software running at Malnove’s Utah plant, the company is looking forward to a fuller implementation. Currently, 70 percent of the work at Malnove’s Jackson- ville, Florida, plant runs through AC4D, which they expect to increase to 100 percent in the future. In early 2021, Mal-

nove began implementing the software at its third plant in Omaha, Nebraska. Santiago reports the installations have gone smoothly, Production floor data is visible via monitors, upper right, at ma- chine centers throughout Malnove’s facilities.

given the pandemic requirements for remote training and installation. EFI support teams trained him on the software for a month before training started for teams through the installa- tion process. “EFI usually sends representatives and technicians, but this time everything was done remotely, and with minimal contact. Doing it this way was nerve-wracking and we really didn’t think it would go smoothly, but we were able to fire up an entire plant in two weeks,” Santiago says. “This has been amazing. The support we received from EFI to make that happen was excellent. The experience was so positive, with no disconnect. Our answers were always an- swered quickly and efficiently,” he concludes. There’s Still Time To Register For ICPF’s Weekend In NYC This year’s Holiday Weekend in New York ap- pears that it will sell out even earlier than in past years. But it’s not too late to join the cele- bration of ICPF’s return to New York and enjoy the best Manhattan has to offer during the hol- iday season. Capacity remains for three more couples. To ensure participation, ICPF advises registering for this special event ASAP. Regis- tration is on a “first-come, first-served basis.” ICPF’s Holiday Weekend in New York takes place Friday, December 10, through Sunday, December 12. Bring your spouse or guest for holiday shopping, sightseeing, dining, a Broadway play, and enjoying New York’s holi- day season, all while supporting ICPF’s educa- tional programs and student outreach. Visit .


September 27, 2021

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