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Maintain peak suspension performance with Hendrickson Genuine Parts

Over the decades, Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems has manufactured millions of air suspensions and integrated systems for trailers. Air springs, shocks, bushings, axles, brake systems and air controls are designed, tuned and tested to ensure they function harmoniously to provide superior suspension system performance. Using Hendrickson Genuine Parts helps ensure the continued reliability and performance you expect from Hendrickson.

Air Springs Not all air springs are created equal. Differences in air spring piston design, flex member length and overall dimensions may not be obvious. Critical dimensions not visible to the naked eye, including variations in internal bumpers and flex member bias angles, can alter air spring performance. Additionally, mixing air spring designs may cause adverse loading conditions within the suspension system. Always choose Hendrickson Genuine air springs for correct fit, exceptional ride quality and long service life.

Shocks Hendrickson shocks are designed with specific strokes, seal designs, bore diameters and damping characteristics to optimize the overall performance of the suspension system. Collapsed and extended lengths are critical to air

spring, mounting clevis and trailer cross member integrity and life. For example, using a shock with a longer stroke than required may result in overextension of the air spring; too short of a stroke can damage mounting clevises or trailer cross members. To ensure optimal suspension performance, always ask for Hendrickson Genuine shocks.

Bushings Hendrickson pioneered the use of a single, large-diameter bushing in trailer air suspensions with our TRI-FUNCTIONAL ® bushing. Coupled with our rigid beam and solid axle connection, Hendrickson’s TRI-FUNCTIONAL bushings deliver enhanced ride and road stability, for a dependable system that provides extended life, reduced maintenance and cargo protection. The void design and material composition of these unique bushings are critical to controlling the horizontal, vertical and roll forces a trailer generates rolling down the road. Insist on Hendrickson Genuine TRI-FUNCTIONAL bushings for exact fit and optimum performance.


Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems

Refer to Hendrickson Literature No. L595 - Genuine Parts Trailer Suspension Systems

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