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Trailer Air Springs


-Optimized ride quality -Optimized road stability -Optimized durability

Looks Can Be Deceiving All air springs are not created equal. Visual similarities among air springs do not guarantee the same fit and functionality as Hendrickson Genuine air springs. Critical dimensions not visible to the naked eye including air spring piston design, flex member length and internal bumpers are essential to the overall performance of your Hendrickson suspension system.

Don’t Settle For Less Mixing air spring designs can cause premature wear on other suspension components vital to maintaining your suspension’s ride quality, driver comfort and cargo protection. Non-genuine air springs may differ structurally and not meet the specific mounting requirements of your suspension which can lead to air spring failures due to air spring chafing, incorrect air spring pressure and trailer lean – all problems that can lead to increased downtime and costly repairs.

Protect Your Investment Hendrickson Genuine Parts work in unison to provide superior performance and enhanced system life. Why diminish the value of your trailer with non-genuine components? Hendrickson Genuine Parts give you peace of mind knowing your replacement part fits and functions to maintain peak performance of your Hendrickson suspension system.

TRAILER AIR SPRINGS Unique Design Features • Exclusive air spring piston design • Special flex member lengths • Unique internal bumpers

Hendrickson Genuine Air Springs are specially designed to:

• Offer superior fit and functionality • Enhance ride quality • Reduce overall maintenance of your Hendrickson suspension system • Optimize system performance

Hendrickson Genuine Parts are the same quality components installed in Hendrickson original equipment suspensions — consisting of the same design, construction, performance and durability. There’s only one way to maintain and protect your suspension’s original performance. Ask for the name that is synonymous with the finest manufactured suspensions in the world.


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Refer to Hendrickson Literature No. L1019 - Genuine Parts Trailer Air Springs

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