Hendrickson Trailer Parts Catalog

Trailer Shock Absorbers


-Optimized ride quality -Optimized road stability -Optimized durability

Nothing is quite like the original Visually, a part may look compatible; however, the inner working parts of Hendrickson shocks distinguish us from non-genuine shocks. Our shocks feature a solid inner metal bushing to withstand our high torque level requirements. Using our tough torque requirements on the mounting bolt of a non-genuine product could result in collasped shocks.

Don’t be fooled by imposters Shocks require the same stroke to keep your trailer functioning properly. Using a non-genuine shock with too short of a stroke can damage mounting clevises or the trailer’s cross members. Too long of a stroke can overextend suspension air springs. Using Hendrickson Genuine shocks can prolong the life of other integral suspension components and help reduce costly repairs.

Protect your investment Hendrickson Genuine Parts work in unison to provide superior performance and enhanced system life. Why diminish the value of your trailer with non-genuine components? Hendrickson Genuine Parts give you peace of mind knowing your replacement part fits and functions to maintain your system’s overall performance.

TRAILER SHOCK ABSORBERS Unique Design Features • Solid Inner Metal Bushings

• Specific Stroke Lengths • Special Bore Diameters • Unique Seal Designs

Hendrickson Genuine Shock Absorbers are specially designed to:

• Offer superior fit and functionality • Withstand Hendrickson’s high torque level requirements on the mounting bolt • Improve damping life • Reduce overall maintenance of your Hendrickson suspension system • Optimize system performance

Hendrickson Genuine Parts are the same quality components installed in Hendrickson original equipment suspensions — consisting of the same design, construction, performance and durability. There’s only one way to maintain and protect your suspension’s original performance. Ask for the name that is synonymous with the finest manufactured suspensions in the world.



Refer to Hendrickson Literature No. L1020 - Genuine Parts Trailer Shock Absorbers

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