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ZMD ® Frequently Asked Questions


20. Is the air-up time the same on ZMD ® air springs as on standard air springs? NO. ZMD has a slightly longer air-up time but it is not significant. 21. What suspension load scale kit should be used for ZMD?

VANTRAAX ® HKANT 40K and select top-mount INTRAAX ® models equipped with ZMD use the same load scale kits available for models equipped with standard air springs. Please refer to Hendrickson Literature Number L1182 Controls Parts Catalog for a complete listing of load scale kits. 22. How do I inspect ZMD air springs and down stops? A visual inspection of the components during regularly scheduled trailer maintenance is all that is required. There are no additional component inspection requirements for ZMD. Follow all applicable Hendrickson installation, service, maintenance and repair procedure publications. 23. What is the suspension jounce for a ZMD air spring? The ZMD air spring is designed to provide the same suspension jounce travel as the standard air springs on the select VANTRAAX and INTRAAX suspensions. 24. Can the ZMD down stops be interchanged on ULTRAA-K ® , VANTRAAX ® HKANT 40K and top-mount INTRAAX ® models? NO. The ZMD down stops equipped on ULTRAA-K, VANTRAAX HKANT 40K and top-mount INTRAAX models are not interchangeable with one another. 25. Can a shock absorber be used to replace the down stop(s) on a suspension equipped with ZMD? There are no shock absorbers that will properly fit the ULTRAA-K suspension. Replacing a down stop with a shock is not recommended for the VANTRAAX HKANT 40K models equipped with ZMD air springs. The same is true for the select top-mount INTRAAX models available with ZMD. 26. Does ZMD require any special plumbing, height control valves or other valves? NO. The ZMD air spring can be installed exactly the same as current air springs including all mounting bolts, air lines and valves. 27. What are the visual differences between the ULTRAA-K, VANTRAAX and INTRAAX ZMD down stops? The ULTRAA-K ZMD down stop mounts within the cross member. It features a partial rod with a chain connection. The VANTRAAX ZMD down stop is a full chain that is installed to the outside of the cross member by a shock clevis. The INTRAAX ZMD down stop is a full chain that is installed to the frame bracket by a shock clevis.


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Refer to Hendrickson Literature No. L1212 - ZMD ® Zero Maintenance Damping ® FAQ Brochure

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