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Hendrickson genuine replacement cam tubes Hendrickson’s revolutionary Cam Tube System ™ is patented ▲ with a unique 4-tabbed design. Engineered to perform, this 4-tabbed Cam Tube System is manufactured with tight tolerances creating a clamping force that is symmetric around the cam tube.

▲ This product is covered by at least one or more U.S. and/or foreign patents and/or pending U.S. and/or foreign patent applications. See Hendrickson for details.

Hendrickson’s 4-Tabbed Design

Competitor’s 2-Tabbed Design

Competitor’s O-Ring Design

Structural Design Hendrickson’s 4-tabbed design is manufactured to perform. • The symmetric clamping holds the cam tube in position to help prevent cam tube rotation, which can cause premature wear to the brake spiders and could result in an expensive replacement of the HALFTRAAX ™ axle / beam weldment. Bent washer design provides increased durability and resistance to rotation versus the flat design. • Bent to allow the washer to be common between a 15" and 16.5" diameter INTRAAX ® brake.

Mechanical Properties Hendrickson’s cam tube clamping bracket is manufactured using high- strength, low alloy, high quality steel. • On certain will-fit brands of cam tubes, testing indicates the clamping bracket mechanical properties have a lower torque causing less resistance to movement than Hendrickson’s bracket. • The clamping force will not deform the plate. Hendrickson’s cam tube bushing has internal lubricants to reduce friction and extend wear life.

Clamp Torque

More Torque




Less Torque

O-Ring Will Fit

Hendrickson Two-Tab Will Fit

Above clamp torque data is based upon internal testing

NOTE: Look for the orange label with the black-filled slack adjuster image and L748 B 08-05 on the bottom edge of the label to ensure that it is a Hendrickson Genuine Part.

• Many competitor bushings are glass-filled nylon and have NO internal lubricants.



Refer to Hendrickson Literature No. L1214 - CAM TUBE SYSTEMS ™

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