Hendrickson Trailer Parts Catalog

Suspension and Axle Identification Guide



INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1. Determine if unit is a primary or slider suspension.

STEP 2. If it is a slider, use the following illustrations to determine the slider box type and the suspension model. If it is a primary, use the illustrations beginning on page 20 to determine the suspension model.

SLIDER SUSPENSIONS — VAN / REEFER APPLICATIONS Hendrickson van /reefer slider boxes were manufactured in three designs. In order to determine the box type, check to see if the cross members are in a ladder orientation or if the orientation forms two K’s or one K. If the orientation forms a ladder, refer to the illustration below. If the cross members form the “K” orientation, use the dimensions provided on pages 17 and 18 to determine which model that you have.

HS Slider Box • HS190 /230 Tandem

Box height is 10"

Cross member lad- der orientation


Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems

Refer to Hendrickson Literature No. L977 - Suspension ID Guide

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