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VANTRAAX ® HKANT 40K Slider Top-Mount


- Optimized ride quality - Optimized road stability - Optimized durability



Driving Innovation Hendrickson pioneered the use of a single, large-diameter bushing in trailer air suspensions with our TRI-FUNCTIONAL ® bushing. Used in unison with rigid beams and solid axle connections, TRI-FUNCTIONAL bushings delivert enhanced road stability and ride quality in approved on- and off-highway applications. The result is a dependable suspension system that offers extended life, reduced maintenance and maximum protection for cargo, drivers and equipment.

Three Main Functions The void design and material composition of these unique bushings are critical to controlling the horizontal, vertical and roll forces a trailer generates rolling down the road. A key element of the pivot connection, the TRI-FUNCTIONAL bushing is contained inside the beam with sufficient compression to permit it to flex but not rotate. Compression of one bushing combined with expansion of the opposing bushing helps keep wheels on the road during turns and over irregular surfaces.

Industry-Leading Warranty* • Approved on-highway applications — up to seven years • Approved vocational applications — up to seven years • Approved raw wood applications — up to seven years • Aftermarket — one year

*Contact Hendrickson for complete warranty terms, conditions and limitations.


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Refer to Hendrickson Literature No. L565 - Genuine Parts TRI-FUNCTIONAL ® Bushings

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