Hendrickson Trailer Parts Catalog

VANTRAAX ® HKANT 40K Slider Top-Mount


Feature and Benefits

TRI-FUNCTIONAL ® III Bushing (TF III) For INTRAAX ® and VANTRAAX ® narrow-beam systems

Optimally Designed Voids • Absorb varying road forces • Improved road stability • Smooth ride • Cargo protection Solid Rubber • Provide fore-aft assistance • Maintain proper axle alignment and suspension tracking

• Increased durability • Expanded service life • Enhanced cargo protection and ride • Broader range of applications


TRI-FUNCTIONAL II BUSHING (TF II) For INTRAAX, VANTRAAX and HT ® SERIES wide-beam suspensions • Heavy-duty successor to the original TRI-FUNCTIONAL Bushing (TF I) • Improved fatigue over TF I • Couple with bushing tube spacers to control lateral movements

Specially Formulated Rubber Compound • Stands up against tough operating conditions


Bushing’s Three Functions (Tri-Functional)

Hendrickson’s bushings control three primary road forces: Vertical Forces • Voids expand and compress to absorb road induced forces allowing optimum suspension articulation without over stressing the axle • Ride quality and payload protection surpass other bushing designs

Horizontal Movement • Solid rubber areas resist forward and backward movement to maintain suspension tracking and alignment during braking and acceleration

Roll Stability • Voids allow increased articulation to provide exceptional control during turning and roll events • The special void shapes enhance the axle’s ability to act as a torsion bar, resisting trailer roll forces

Hendrickson Genuine Parts are the same quality components installed in Hendrickson original equipment suspensions — consisting of the same design, construction, performance and durability. There’s only one way to maintain and protect your suspension’s original performance. Ask for the name that is synonymous with the finest manufactured suspensions in the world.



Refer to Hendrickson Literature No. L565 - Genuine Parts TRI-FUNCTIONAL ® Bushings

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