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20 JAN



Another year gone by — and what a year it was. Looking back, I’m not exactly sure how I stayed sane through it all! 2019 took me from Broadway to Hollywood, and plenty of other milestones along the way. So, it is with both satisfaction and great trepidation that I say I have no plans of slowing down in 2020. I’m excited to announce I’m in the process of writing my own book! “The Retirement Tax Trap: How Madison Avenue, K Street, and Wall Street Have Colluded to Place Your Future at Risk” won’t be my first foray into publication (though I confess it’s far more work than writing a humble newsletter). As I march toward the completion of what may be my magnum opus on retirement planning, I’m grateful for the lessons of the past year and the growth that came with it. Early last year, I had the pleasure of writing a guest chapter in Jack Canfield’s “The Recipe For Success,” a process that prepared me for writing my own book in more ways than one. Not only did this first long-form authorial work get me used to the demands of professional publishing, but it also made me take a deeper look at my own professional philosophy. After all, the chapter was on the advantages of having a lawyer as a financial advisor — something I’ve always seen as a unique niche but had never fully explored. The process of putting words to paper, as it often does for me in these newsletters, showed me a deeper side of myself and the way I look at my profession and the duty I have to my clients. In short, had it not been for the experience of putting together that exploratory chapter, 2019 may have been a very different year. When I first began writing, I was worried that I may not have enough to say to fill a whole chapter — but I quickly learned I actually had the opposite problem. There was so much I could say about the nature of law and finance, on the duty of financial advisors, and the need for ethical stewardship in this industry that I couldn’t hope to fit it in the bounds of a single work. That realization is what galvanized my march to a million mission. Making a positive impact on a million people in 10 years was a long time dream, but realizing that I had a unique message to reach an audience with made it seem that much more doable. After writing that chapter for Canfield, I began taking more speaking engagements, eventually lecturing on the big stage in Broadway and Hollywood. I also launched my podcast along with

our serialized “Pilot Mysteries,” and stepped up my Facebook live events. Before I knew it, I was a multimedia man: exhausted from all the travel and production but also deeply rewarded. Today, on top of this soon-to-be released book project, I’m also in the process of writing some content for some major financial publications. In 2020, my voice will reach more people than ever before. But this is nothing new for longtime readers of this newsletter. Indeed, this little publication is a good break from the headier, industry-focused works I’m putting out elsewhere. This is a place for me to get a little

more personal, reflect, and share advice that goes beyond the financial. So, in taking the totality of 2019 into perspective, the best advice I can leave you with is this: Don’t discount the small steps. Maybe you have a goal to write a book one day or pull off any other monumental achievement. Right now, it might seem like an impossible dream, but I’m willing to bet it’s actually a lot closer than you give yourself credit for. Start with the small steps. Write an article, go to an open mic, paint a picture just for you, and go from there. Then, find the next most challenging milestone and tackle it. Soon you’ll go from writing 500-word letters to whole chapters, and, soon enough, you’ll be authoring the work you’ve dreamed of all along. I’ve learned that the best things in life don’t come in a single bound; if you’re willing to put in the patience and hard work, one day you’ll look back in disbelief on how far you’ve come.

Here’s to the future,

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