Defend Liver Support Flyer

Defend - Liver Support discover the importance of a healthy detox for continued organ support

e liver is one of the largest organs in our body and performs three vital functions: detoxication, synthesis and storage. A liver that is healthy can perform these functions eortlessly, successfully detoxifying almost everything a person encounters in their day-to-day life. However, busy lifestyles, poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption, and the use of pharmaceutical drugs can all have a negative impact on the liver, which can make it less eective and ecient at performing essential bodily functions. e depletion of healthy liver function may lead to disfunction and disease. Defend has been masterfully blended to support the liver in its tireless eort to detoxify the body, a highly oxidative process in which antioxidants and natural chemical compounds play a very important role. e ingredients contained within Defend have been carefully selected to help to upregulate enzyme activity in the liver, support healthy detoxication, and provide antioxidant protection where it is needed most.

Defend - Liver Support

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