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By Kylie Nicholson

“There is no doubt in my mind that with help from ALL the amazing employees here at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West that I will be running again soon, in an even better condition than before! Every task is done with a smile and a sense of eagerness to help.” All of us here are doing all that we can and hoping that Kylie gets healthy enough to meet her goals and get back to doing what she loves again. Good luck Kylie!

Kylie Nicholson is an employee with us here at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West in the billing department. She has just started coming to physical therapy for her back as she is suffering from scoliosis. She runs cross-country for her college, Arcadia University which is right outside of Philadelphia, and was in the middle of training before starting PT for her back. Working with Scott Liptzin, her main goal is to get back to running soon enough that she can take part in a 5K next month. Kylie feels that along with being an employee, as a patient that the physical therapists and aides go above and beyond every visit to help you get better.

EFFECTIVE HIP & KNEE PAIN RELIEF Don’t Let Pain Postpone Your Adventures! Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body Long Island’s Top PT Clinic!


• Find Out If You Are Moving Like You Should • Healthy Recipe

• Employee Of The Month • Patient Success Spotlight

Do you find it harder to walk, run or exercise? Is hip, knee or leg pain keeping you from being active? If so, understanding how your body walks and moves can be the key to putting the spring back in your step. Put the Spring Back in Your Step Think of your body as a big spring that stores

possible pain in the back, hips and knees. It also causes fatigue after walking, even for a little while. If you are experiencing pain again after therapy, it might be because muscles or joints have tightened or become weak again. The Remedy The simple solution is to put the spring back in your step. This is accomplished by first analyzing how you walk. There are slight changes in the way that you walk and move, that our trained medical experts can pick up on. This analysis tells us just what joints or muscles are stiff, stuck or weak. By pinpointing the exact areas of your body that are not moving as they should, we can make a plan to increase motion, strength and improve coordination.


and releases energy with every step. The efficiency of your walk comes from the effectiveness of your flexibility, strength and balance. When any one of these is off, it affects your ability to walk efficiently and takes a lot of energy. This results in strain to different joints and makes muscles work much harder than they need to. This leads to


Can you do these simple tests to see if your hips and legs are as flexable and strong as they should be? Try them for yourself and let us know how you did.

• From standing, can you touch your toes? This indicates hip and low back flexibility.

• In sitting can you comfortably cross your legs so that your ankle is resting on the other knee? Does one knee go further down than the other? This indicates hip flexibility. If one hip is tighter than the other, it can wreak havoc with your walking and even cause knee pain. • Keeping your feet flat on the floor and holding onto something solid, how far can you squat down? You should be able to squat all the way down so your buttocks almost touch your heels. Don’t let your heels pop up! If you favor movement to one side, you probably have hip weakness on that side or limited motion in the hip joint. • Standing near a counter top, put one foot in front of the other so that you are touching heel to toe. Without putting your hands down, see if you can balance for 10 seconds, keeping yourself steady. If you cannot, then you have trouble with the coordination of your balance from the nerve endings in your hip, knees, ankles, and feet. Restoring Normal Pain-Free Motion Restoring normal motion is key to alleviating pain and allowing you to do the activities you love to do safely. Physical therapy is the key to restoring normal joint and muscle motion. Our medical experts pinpoint the key problem areas that you may not even be aware of and focus on a custom treatment plan that will restore your normal pain-free motion. Performing at Your Best Whether you are just out for a walk or are an avid athlete, we can help you walk, run, and play better. With our motion analysis, strength testing, coordination testing, and more, we can spot your muscles and joints that need flexibility, strength, or coordination. A specific training and treatment plan is then put together to help you reach your peak movement with the least effort.

Healthy Recipe: Red Snapper Arugula Salad

INGREDIENTS • 4 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

• 6 (6-ounce) red snapper fillets • 1/4 tsp black pepper • 5 ounces baby arugula • 1/4 cup sliced red onion • 2 ounces Romano cheese • 6 lemon wedges

• 1 tsp grated lemon • 1 tbsp lemon juice • 1/2 tsp minced garlic • 3/4 tsp kosher salt

Combine 3 tablespoons oil, rind, juice, and garlic in a large bowl, stirring well with a whisk. Stir in 1/4 teaspoon salt. Sprinkle fish with remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt and pepper. Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add 1 1/2 teaspoons oil to pan; swirl to coat. Add 3 fillets, skin side down; reduce heat to medium, and cook 5 minutes or until skin is golden and crisp. Turn fillets; cook 3 minutes or until done. Remove fish from pan; keep warm. Wipe pan clean; repeat procedure with remaining oil and remaining 3 fillets. Add arugula to dressing; toss. Top with onion and cheese. Serve salad with fillets and lemon wedges.

FARMINGDALE PHYSICAL THERAPY WEST 4277 Hempstead Turnpike Bethpage, NY 11714 • 516-731-3583

Patient Success Spotlight

Employee Of The Month


“My experience at Farmingdale PhysicalTherapy West has been nothing but great. You are made to feel welcomed, comfortable, and part of the “family” right from the start.The PTassistants are supportive, thorough, and quick. They make your time here enjoyable. Jill is a great physical therapist. She gets to know you personally and makes you feel accepted and important. She is certainly an asset to this practice and pinpointing your issue and how to best help you.” - Susan P. “You are made to feel welcomed, comfortable, and part of the family right from the start.”

In her free time, Lori works with her therapy service dog and brings him to patient rehabilitation hospitals. Her favorite foods are lobster and anything Cajun. Her favorite part about working at FPTW is becoming a part of the family. She loves working with people who are as passionate about helping others as she is.

Take Care of Your Pain Before It’s Too Late.


Patient Of The Month

August 21st | 5:30 pm

- 7:00 pm

Ed Kohler

You’ll learn: • Main causes of back pain and sciatica • Benefits of PT for back pain and sciatica • How posture plays a role in back pain

Ed has been a patient with us at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West for over 12 years! He spends his free time hunting, fishing, and doing martialarts.Edalsoenjoysthewater and surfing, so he’s hoping PT will help him get back to doing what he loves. He thoroughly loves coming to FPTW, it has become his social outlet. He likes interacting with others and seeing their progression as well as his own at the same time.

• Exercises to improve strength of your back • Exercises to relieve sciatica symptoms

New At A Location! SPORTIME Bethpage Multi-Sport 4105 Hempstead Turnpike, Bethpage, NY 11714 LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE CALL (516) 731-3583 TO RSVP

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FREE Exam • C E R T I F I C A T E • Refer a Family/Friend to

• WHATYOUGET:FREE30-minute one-on-one appointment with one of our Physical Therapists

this Event to Receive a Free Weight Loss Training Session with Rich or a $20 Gift Card! *Every referral sent must receive treatment at least 3 times in order to be eligible*

• WHEN: August 16th, 9AM-6PM

• WHY: Help You Enjoy Life Again Pain Free!

• WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Call 516-731-3583 NOW!

BETHPAGE LOCATION 4277 Hempstead Turnpike Bethpage, NY 11714


Thursday, August 16 th from 9 am To thank you, our valued clients, we are having a day of completely Free Exams for: • All past clients who have not been seen in PT in more than 2 months. • All present clients who have another problem currently not being treated. • All loved ones, family, or friends of our past and present patients. • Any stubborn spouses who have been complaining of back pain especially. These exams are ideal for people suffering with pain from: A one day special offer for all present & past patients of Farmingdale Physical Therapy West A Day Of Free Exams - 6 pm

With summer coming to an end and kids going back to school we want to do something special to celebrate! This is our BIG THANK YOU for allowing us to serve you. The Free Exam consists of a 30 minute one-on-one appointment with the Physical Therapist of your choice. The PT will talk with you about the history of your problem. They will take measurements to test how well you are moving and to test your strength. The First 10 People to Register Will Receive A FREE GIFT!

• Headaches • Shoulder Pain • Knee Pain • Problems Walking

• Lower Back Pain • Arthritis • Sciatica • Neck Pain

Appointments are free but limited; each therapist has 6 spots available.

If you are having pain or problems with day to day activities such as walking, standing, sitting for long periods, going up or down steps, getting in and out of the car, sleeping or driving, then this is an excellent opportunity to see one of our world-class therapists and find out the cause of your problem. Call 516-731-3583 to schedule your Free Exam for August 16th.

Call 516-731-3583 now to schedule your Free Exam.

If you are a past or present patient or if you are referring a friend or family member (or the stubborn spouse above)… Give them this Newsletter and tell them to call us to schedule their free exam.

BETHPAGE LOCATION 4277 Hempstead Turnpike Bethpage, NY 11714

RONKONKOMA LOCATION 700 Union Pkwy #3 Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

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