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As entrepreneurs scale their businesses, there is a lot to focus on: hiring the right staff, creating the most effective marketing strategies, and setting up efficient operations. With so much to do, it’s easy to lose sight of your initial vision for your company. If you’re stuck in a rut, know that you’re not alone. Plenty of the most successful entrepreneurs have endured the same struggles and, with a little ambition and a lot of creativity, came out on top. Take Henry Ford, for example. Henry Ford made the automobile accessible and appealing for the common citizen. This ignited interest in the market from consumers and manufacturers alike, which led to innovations like air conditioning and other appliances we can’t imagine living without today. There were some key factors that played into his success, and, if you

apply them to your own journey, you could gain a new perspective and be inspired to create and innovate in your industry. CONSUMER-FOCUSED Ford realized cars were unreliable and unaffordable to most and set out to change that. After developing the first moving assembly line, Ford lowered the price of cars and made them accessible for people outside the upper class for the first time. As long as you keep the consumer and their needs in mind, you’ll find ways to make their experience better and increase your success. SMALL CHANGES, BIG IMPACT Unlike many companies today who sacrifice quality for quantity, Ford found ways to focus on both. He looked at how cars were actually made My longtime chiropractor, Dr. Kris Peterson of LP Chiropractic, is fantastic at keeping me in shape for the golf course and working all of the swing-induced kinks out of my back and neck, but he’s also a big fan of Halloween. In fact, every fall he turns his front lawn into one of the largest showpieces in town by filling it with as many as 100 carved pumpkins. Starting in September, Dr. Peterson and his family load up on pumpkins from a nearby farm and bring them home, making a massive pile in the garage. Then, every weekend until Halloween (and even on some weeknights), Dr. Peterson and his friends gather in the garage to carve famous faces into the pumpkins using stencils of movie stars, cartoon characters, and more. They line the finished pumpkins up in the front yard for people driving by to admire, and the display has become so popular over the years that it even has its own Facebook page! If you want to check it out, visit PetersonsPumpkinPatch.

and found that, if he could build more cars within a certain time frame, he could pay less per car, per worker. Thus, the moving assembly line was born. When looking for ways to innovate in your industry, rethinking even the smallest, simplest details can make a huge difference for your business. You may not be able to reinvent the wheel, but who said you couldn’t reinvent the brake pads? Henry Ford may have changed the automobile industry forever, but you don’t have to go to such lengths to innovate in your own. The next time you find yourself uninspired or stagnant, look to those who made your industry what it is today. You might just find the inspiration you’ve been searching for. As excellent as Dr. Peterson is at carving pumpkins, he’s even better at adjusting spines. He and his partner at LP Chiropractic, Dr. Troy Ludwig, have helped me out of numerous painful situations over the years. Once, Dr. Ludwig even popped my knee cap back into place after I knocked it off-kilter playing football with my son. The pain was incredible, so I didn’t believe him when he said it would be gone by nightfall. Sure enough, he was right! Just a few hours later, I felt like a brand-new man. I’ve been seeing Dr. Peterson for almost 20 years now, and he’s living proof that chiropractic work is real medical science, not the mumbo jumbo people sometimes dismiss it as. If you’re struggling with back pain, neck pain, arthritis, or another injury, give LP Chiropractic a call at 262- 697-1363. I highly recommend their services!


Dr. Peterson Goes All-Out for Halloween

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