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Cauliflower Bunnies by Green Giant and Peeps Would two giant food brands collaborate just to pull off a prank? Apparently, yes! Green Giant and Peeps decided to team up and announce cauliflower-flavored Peeps. Believe it or not, some people were hopeful about cauliflower Peeps being real! Unfortunately, in the fictional world where these actually exist, these Peeps would be flavored cauliflower instead of made with them. That means you’d still be eating the same amount of carbs (6.5 grams) per marshmallow chicken with all the savory flavor of cauliflower. ‘Smoup’ by Heinz There are few American food brands more iconic than Heinz, but thankfully, this April Fools’ product is no runner-up in their most iconic offerings. For 2021’s April Fools’ Day, Heinz announced “Smoup” (smoothie plus soup), a drink that combines their popular tomato soup and Innocent’s strawberry banana smoothie. Given that Campbell’s Tomato Soup Cake recipe was trending during the pandemic, this prank tricked a surprising number of people.

Lip Balm by Pringles You know the odd tingling sensation on your lips from eating sea salt and vinegar chips? Don’t you wish that you could experience that discomfort on a daily basis? If you said yes, then we’re afraid you’ll have to rely on the old-fashioned method. Pringles Tingles by Pringles, a lip balm flavored like Pringles’ Sea Salt and Vinegar chips, was announced in April 2021 but didn’t make it into the real world. Cereal Mac & Cheese by Banza Known for their protein-filled chickpea pasta, Banza could’ve made another name for itself as the first brand to introduce cereal-flavored mac and cheese! Thankfully, they didn’t — and the colorful image of rainbow cereal in a bowl of mac and cheese didn’t entice me to wish otherwise. I’ve mentioned the few that stuck out the most to me, but do you have any favorite brand pranks? I’d love to hear yours!

3 Insane Events That Happened at Augusta National Golf Club

Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, is one of the most famous golf courses in the world. The golf club was constructed back in 1933 and has enthralled golfers of every skill level. Augusta is mostly known for the Masters Tournament, one of the four major championships on the PGA Tour.

after Harris refused to speak to him over the phone, then the police handled the situation from there. Reagan returned the next day to play an uninterrupted round.

The Years Without the Masters During World War II, golf was one of the last things people thought about. After seeing the bulk of their members sent overseas to fight in the war, the owners of the course came up with an alternative way to make money. They decided to allow cattle and turkeys to roam the course before they were ready for market. It took years for the foliage to return to playing shape. Death and Return At the 2018 Masters, a man named Johnny Pruitt got to live his dream by attending the championship as a spectator. He never made it to his seat though as an irregular heartbeat stopped his heart. Pruitt was taken from the course,

In its nearly 90-year history, Augusta National Golf Club has seen some crazy events. From hostage situations to near- death experiences, there’s no shortage of unbelievable stories that have taken place on the course. Below you’ll find three of the most bizarre events that have occured at this golf club. Ronald Reagan’s Bizarre 1983 Round Many presidents throughout our country’s history have enjoyed the game of golf, and

Ronald Reagan was no exception. While Reagan was in the middle of a round at Augusta, a man named Charles Harris rammed his pickup truck through a locked gate, stormed into the pro shop, took five hostages, and demanded to speak with the president. Reagan left the course

and his heart was restarted with a defibrillator before he went into a coma. He awoke from the coma a week later, and Augusta invited him back to attend the 2019 Masters.

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