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April 2019

First Pitch Celebrating the Start of Baseball Season

As a Boston Red Sox fan, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the start of baseball season. It’s been fun to see the 2018 World Series Champions train and practice in Florida, but there’s nothing quite like baseball at Fenway Park. My family enjoys spending a few days soaking in the history and energy of the old stadium each summer. It’s a feeling you can’t get just by watching the sport on television. Despite our adoration for Fenway, there’s another baseball team that has our full attention each season: my son’s. Since he was 6 years old, my son has been playing baseball, and he seems to have quite the knack for it. When I was a kid, I also played little league baseball, but I was never really that great at it. Instead, I opted for soccer and remained a baseball fan. I’ll never know where he gets his talent. When my son first started little league, he was shy and quiet. But for the past decade, baseball has turned him into a kid who’s not afraid to talk to anyone and shaped him into a leader on the diamond. He’s now so vocal that even when I’m around the corner from him at practice, I can still hear him yelling and encouraging his teammates. He’s never as confident as when he is on the baseball field, and this opportunity to grow has also led him to some amazing friendships. These same friendships have provided great relationships for our whole family as well. Baseball has also afforded him some pretty cool opportunities. Last year, we got to travel with his team to Cooperstown, New York, to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. As a baseball fanatic, this was a dream come true for my son. We saw memorabilia and learned more about the history of the 150-year-old league.

90 degrees out and he has to wear 20 pounds of equipment — he loves every second of it. And he doesn’t take the game lightly. When he’s not at practice, he’s working out, building strength in his arms and legs. He spends five days every week focusing on baseball and making sure he’s in the best physical condition he can be for both the sport and his team. In all these areas he’s learned the value of discipline, time management, and leadership. Catching 12–15 innings, getting your homework done, and still finding a way to love what you’re doing is truly special. My son is hoping to continue baseball throughout high school and hopefully play in college as well. With his motivation, I’m sure this is something he can achieve. I’m proud of the way he has taken initiative, and others have also taken notice. He’s been named to all-star teams for his talent, and I can take no credit for that. He drives himself to be the best he can be; I just drive him to practice.

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–Michael Monteforte Jr.

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