Cabinet Specifications

Cabinet Specifications

MilM 07.25.21 Div

SECTION 12 35 53.19 – WOOD LABORATORY CASEWORK PART 1 GENERAL 1.01 SUMMARY A. Section Includes: •Full-Radius Edge Inset/Overlay Construction •3/4” Premium Grade Veneered Framed Doors and Drawers Routed with a Lip Overlay •Door and Drawer Fronts Occupy a Plane Extending 3/8” Past the Cabinet Body •Combination Grain - The Exposed Grain for Doors Run Vertical; Drawers Horizontal Millennium Cabinets

1. All cabinets and casework, including tops, ledges, supporting structures, and miscellaneous items of equipment as listed in these specifications, or equipment schedules including delivery to the building, setting in place, leveling, scribing to walls and floors as required. Furnish and install all filler panels, knee space panels and scribes as shown on drawings. Installation shall be completed by a factory certified installer. 2. Furnish and deliver all utility service outlet accessory fittings, electrical receptacles, and switches, as listed in these specifications, equipment schedules or as shown on drawings as mounted on the laboratory furniture. Items shall be furnished with supply tank nipples and lock nuts, loose in boxes and properly marked. All plumbing and electrical fittings will be packaged separately and properly marked for delivery to the appropriate contractor. 3. Furnish and deliver, packed in boxes for installation by the mechanical contractor, all laboratory sinks, cup sinks or drains, drain troughs, overflows and sink outlets with integral tailpieces, which occur above the floor and where these items are part of the equipment or listed in the specifications, equipment schedules or shown on the drawings. Integral tailpieces when required shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards. All tailpieces shall be furnished less the couplings required to connect them to the drain piping system. 4. Furnish service strip supports and set in place service tunnels, service turrets, supporting structures and reagent racks of the type shown on the details. 5. Remove all debris, dirt and rubbish accumulated as a result of the installation of the laboratory casework to an onsite container provided by others, leaving the premises clean and orderly. B. Related Divisions: 1. Divisions 05 00 00 & 06 00 00: Behind-the-Wall Blocking and Studs 2. Division 09 00 00: Base Molding 3. Division 11 53 13: Chemical Fume Hoods 4. Division 22 00 00: Plumbing 5. Division 26 00 00: Electrical Fittings and Connections C. Related Publications: 1. Architectural Woodwork Institute Quality Standards, 8th Edition

2. NFPA 30 - National Fire Protection Association 3. NFPA-45 - National Fire Protection Association

4. UL - Underwriters Laboratory 5. ASTM D552 - Bending Test 6. SEFA 8 W - Laboratory Furniture

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