Cabinet Specifications

Cabinet Specifications SECTION 12 35 53.19 – WOOD LABORATORY CASEWORK 1.01 BASIS OF WORK

A. This specification uses Diversified Casework ( - Majestic Series (reveal overlay) Maple Cabinetry as the standard of construction for wood laboratory casework. The construction standards of this product line shall provide the basis for quality and functional installation. Pricing from other manufacturers must be submitted as an alternate in order to assure quality standards are maintained. B. Supply all equipment in accordance with this specification. No alternates, deviations or exceptions to the specified construction or materials are allowed. C. As a means of maintaining the desired level of quality, any and all other manufacturers shall be submitted as an alternate to the specified product provided by Diversified Casework. D. The owner / owner representative reserves the right to reject qualified or alternate proposals and to award based on product value where such action assures the owner greater integrity of product. 1.02 QUALITY ASSURANCE – the following items are required components of this specification and cannot be modified. A. The wood laboratory furniture contractor shall also provide work tops and fume hoods to assure proper staging, shipment, and single source responsibility. B. Each cabinet shall be foam and shrink wrapped to ensure cabinet surfaces are protected until the time of installation. Blanket-wrap is not allowed because they do not stay with the cabinets after delivery and because they are not assured of being grease and dirt free. C. SEFA Compliance and Assurance: Wood cabinets shall be capable of passing all tests contained in SEFA 8W. Documentation shall be provided showing independent testing and compliance with SEFA 8W. D. MAS and/or Green Guard Certification: Manufacturer shall provide current documentation proving compliance and certification with either MAS or Green Guard small-scale chamber emissions test. Wood products shall be MAS Certified Green® and/or GreenGuard® Certified. E. Casework shall be installed by a factory certified installer or Lifetime Warranty shall be negated to a 2 year warranty. F. Cabinets shall be manufactured with dowel construction placed on a maximum 63mm on-center. G. Cabinets shall use a minimum of 2 mechanical fasteners along with dowel construction in securing the toe space panel. Cabinets shall use a full sub-top construction composed of a minimum of 3/4” veneer core plywood. H. Cabinets shall use a full sub-top construction composed of a minimum of 3/4” veneer core plywood. I. Cabinet faces shall be vertically grain matched within door and drawer faces. J. Wall cabinets shall be provided with 3/4” X 4” screw strips at both the top and bottom behind the cabinet back and doweled into both cabinet sides. Screws shall be applied via pocket hole fastener systems. 1.03 SUBMITTALS A. Submit compliance statement with bid – see page 14 of this specification. B. Casework samples will be required and reviewed per specification. Samples shall be delivered, at no cost to the architect or owner, to a destination set forth by the architect or owner. This must be done seven (7) days before quotation deadline as a condition of approval of each bidder. Samples shall be full size, production type samples, as will be delivered for the project. Furnish the following: 1. One combination drawer and cupboard base unit, including one shelf. 2. One sample of all top materials shown or called for. 3. Sample of all mechanical service fittings, locks, door pulls, hinges, and interior hardware. C. Submit shop drawings for furniture assemblies showing plans, elevations, ends, cross sections, service run spaces, location, and type of service fittings. 1. Coordinate shop drawings with other work involved. 2. Provide roughing-in drawings for mechanical and electrical services when required.

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