Cabinet Specifications

Cabinet Specifications B. Wood Stain Color: Selected from Manufacturer’s standard selection

C. Wood Finish Application: Finishes shall be applied and cured under controlled atmospheric conditions, aided by infrared radiant heaters. Finish must be VOC-free. Finish shall be applied via a flat line, roller applied system prior to cabinet assembly in order to assure uniform coverage. D. Interior Wood Casework Finish: Interior surfaces shall receive a triple application of an acid, alkali, solvent, water, and abrasion resistant finish meeting AWI requirements. E. Exterior Wood Casework Finish: Exposed exterior surfaces, including interiors of glazed cases and open shelving, shall be provided with an acid, alkali, solvent, water, and abrasion resistant finish meeting both AWI section 1500 and SEFA 8 requirements. Finish shall be applied to cabinet parts prior to assembly in order to assure uniform coverage. 2.05 WORKSURFACES A. SOLID EPOXY RESIN: 1. Sheets cast from modified 1” epoxy resin and non-asbestos inert fillers; compounded mixture cured and thermoset specifically from formulation to provide exceptional physical and chemical resistance required in medium to heavy duty laboratory environments. Color shall be black. B. ACCESSORIES: 1. Provide solid epoxy resin laboratory shelving, laboratory fume hood base work surfaces, pegboards, and reagent racks where indicated. 2. Installation Materials: Manufacturer’s joint adhesive, panel adhesive, and sealants as required to suit project conditions. C. FABRICATION: 1. Fabricate tops and accessories in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations, approved Shop Drawings, and SEFA 8. 2. Epoxy Resin Worksurfaces: a. Thickness: 1) 1 inch (25 mm) unless otherwise indicated. a) Check each sheet at factory for required thickness. b) Maximum variation in thickness: plus or minus 1/16 inch (1.6mm) from corner to corner. b. Warpage: 1) Inspect tops for warpage prior to fabrication by placing on true flat surface. a) Maximum allowable warpage: 1/16-inch (1.5 mm) in 36 inch (900 mm) span or 3/16 inch (4.5 mm) in 96 inch (2400 mm) span. c. Fabrication: 1) Shop fabricates in longest practical lengths. a) Bond joints with highly chemical resistant cement with properties and color similar to base material. b) Provide 1/8-inch (3 mm) drip groove at underside of exposed edges, set back ½ inch (13 mm) from face. c) Finish exposed edges. d. Edge treatment: 1) Standard 1/8 inch (2 mm) chamfered edge. e. Corner treatment: 1) Exposed corners shall be eased slightly for safety f. Back and end splashes: 1) Supplied loose for field installation. 2) Same material and thickness as worksurfaces. 3) 4 inches high unless otherwise indicated.

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