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“ I used to have to usemy non-dominant arm to reach anything on a top shelf” “When I came to Pittman PT, it started with a video I had seen on Facebook about back pain and sciatica. At the time, I had some back pain which subsided before arriving here, instead I now had shoulder and hip discomfort. We started with the hip which resolved beyond my expectations within 4 weeks. Then my shoulder. I have had 3 bouts of frozen shoulder with PT at different locations. Here though, the therapists have used techniques never before used. I used to have to use my non-dominant arm to reach anything on a top shelf in the kitchen. Now, just yesterday, I found that without though, I reached without any pain. The therapists here are wonderful and concerned with your health and safety. It has been a wonderful and healthy experience. Thank you so much for the video that brought me here to Pittman PT.” -Joan T.

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