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AWedding to Remember TIME OF MY LIFE

T his month, Renee and I are celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary. It really hasn’t been that long since we said “I do,” but it feels like forever ago, especially now that we have our daughter, Audrey. Renee and I had a pretty amazing wedding, thanks in no small part to Renee’s incredible party-planning skills. She loves to make things truly one-of-a-kind and our wedding really reflected that. For about a year before the big day, Renee was working on all kinds of arts and crafts projects, putting together something memorable. One thing I really loved was how she set up each table to reflect a place we’d visited together. Instead of numbers, people could sit at the France table or the Winter Park, Colorado table or the Washington, D.C. table, and each one had a photo of us on our trip to that location. Her attention to detail is astounding. My ability to retain those details is another matter entirely. I remember the weather at Laguna Gloria in Austin being perfect, and I remember how beautiful Renee looked, but in hindsight, most of my wedding day is a big blur. After months of planning, it felt like everything flew by in five minutes. That’s why I’m glad we had a videographer on site. My advice to anyone planning a wedding is to splurge on a good photographer. The dinner will be over in half “To be honest, I was more nervous about our first dance than I was about getting married!”

an hour, but a photographer can capture those special moments you want to remember forever — like your first dance, for example. Our first dance together was to “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne, a classic wedding slow dance. But about a minute into the song, there was a record scratch noise and we just looked around, confused. Then Renee and I sprung into an awesome dance routine. For nine months leading up to the wedding, we went to dance lessons every week, and our first dance included “Time of My Life” from “Dirty Dancing,” the dance scene from “Pulp Fiction,” and the ever-iconic “Gangnam Style” — hey, it was really popular that year! To be honest, I was more nervous about our first dance than I was about getting married! We’d practiced in normal clothes during the lessons, but suddenly I was in a suit and Renee was wearing a huge, poufy skirt. But it went off without a hitch and everyone was stunned. We’d kept the first dance plans a secret from everyone except the photographer, who was ready to capture every second. The best picture of the day was me lifting Renee up during our dance. It was a pretty cool start to what has been an amazing marriage. Renee and I haven’t stopped having fun, and I’m so thrilled to be raising Audrey together now. I have no regrets and can’t imagine my life any other way.

Happy anniversary, Renee. Thank you for being my dance partner in life. I love you! –Dr. Seth Evans

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