K-Line Ag SG60T CropCadet Operator Safety Manual V1.4 (E)

S E E D E R S T A R T - U P T I P S

THIS IS A GUIDE ONLY AND MUST BE READ IN CONJUNCTION WITH PARTS MANUAL 1) TILT ADJUSTMENT • To adjust - turn top link between drawbar sections. Ensure tine toolbars are level front to back when at desired depth, then lock top link. 2) SPEED RANGE • Refer to seed-box supplier recommendations.

HEADLANDS/ TURNING • Always raise machine when on headlands and when turning.

3) ROAD TRAVEL SPEED LIMIT • 32kmh (20mph)

4) WING LEVELLING • Wings should be pre-set to be level with centre frame when supported by wheels, however if adjustment required: - Unfold machine on level ground. - Ensure wing wheel cylinders are not locked out. - Fully raise machine with wheels (RED). - Ensure cylinders have all reached full stroke (equal length of exposed rod). - check level of centre frame toolbars with wing toolbars, with a spirit level. - Use M48 nuts on wing wheel lug to adust in/out as required (may need to chock frame & raise wheels to do this). - Once wings are level with centre frame, ensure M48 nyloc nut & hex nut (used as a locking nut) are tightened. - Wing levelling adjustment required if centre frame wheel lugs have spacers installed (to increase transport clearance).




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