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Mind Your Loved Ones How Apps Keep Medical Info Where You Need It

practice physician throughout their lives. It’s common, especially among seniors, for patients to see 5–6 different doctors. Many other people get their health care from an assortment of various specialists, clinicians, and physicians. For every health care professional, a patient might have a different set of medical records housing different information. With all this inmind, apps and other medical record consolidation softwares are incredibly helpful. Expediency If you have tomake a visit to the emergency room, you don’t want to sift through all your paperwork trying to find the most recent medical documentation. You don’t always have time in the waiting room to figure out where everything is. With apps like MYLO, you’ll not only have all your records together, but they’re also ready to display whenever needed—even remotely. Jennifer VanderVeen, elder law attorney and president of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, said her father was able to use another medical information app, My Health CareWishes, to email a copy of his mother’s advance care directive to a physician while he was traveling. Circumstances are not always convenient, which is why you should have a medical information app that is.

It’s an experience you’ve probably had before. You have to go to the hospital for a procedure, and you bring a large and unwieldy stack, bag, or binder of printedmedical information. It might be organized, or it might not be. Whatever the case, it certainly won’t be easy to convey crucial details about your medical history to doctors and other medical professionals that way. After going through this dilemma herself taking care of her parents, attorney Barbara Keller of The Keller Legal Group in NewYork City developed the MindYour Loved Ones app. MindYour Loved Ones, or MYLO for short, gives individuals a safe way to store and organize all their medical records or those of a family member they are caring for. Data is stored locally, but it can be backed up in a Dropbox or iCloud account. This app is an incredibly valuable response to a growing need for specific medical care across all age groups. If all your medical records are still tucked away in a drawer in your home, consider these reasons to look into MYLO or any other medical record organization app. Consolidation One of the reasons it’s so hard for some people to keep concise medical records is because fewer and fewer people are visiting the same general

Legacy Having all your medical information stored on a platform that is easy to navigate means that if you can no longer make sound decisions about your medical care and have to appoint someone as your proxy, they’ll be able to easily convey pertinent information to your doctors. That’s where Scott Counsel P.C. can help. For any questions you might have about life-care plans or end-of-life planning, we have answers. With the resources for peace of mind at your fingertips, why should you worry? For any questions about how Scott Counsel can help you, call us at 856-281-3131 or email us at

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Christa’s Corner

Our Loved Ones in Facilities During the Holidays

When a loved one moves from their house to an assisted living facility or a nursing home, they still need to feel at home. This feeling of “home” is often highlighted during the holidays. Help your loved ones celebrate even if you think they are not cognitively able to fully take part. It’s important that our loved ones know and feel they are still a crucial part of our lives, no matter where they reside. Try to gather family and make it a special time. Take a look at the calendar of events at the facility and see if you are able to take part in any of the events. Remember, if your loved one has dementia, they may be easily confused. Changes in surroundings often can be overwhelming. Going out and buying all new fancy decorations to your liking may not be what’s appealing to them.

Maybe try gathering some old holiday decorations and memorabilia from an earlier time since many of our elders can likely remember things from the past. Use these items as a part of your celebration instead. If you decorate your loved one’s room with items from years past, you could find that the objects are familiar and comforting. Preparing a special meal that was your loved one’s favorite during the holidays and bringing it in can also be a very heartening. Holidays can be stressful, so if you or other family members can’t make it in to see your loved one, don’t beat yourself up. Most facilities are equipped with Wi-Fi and can accommodate webcams or Skype to connect relatives on holidays. You could always use a cellphone to FaceTime, too. Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season! | 1

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