St Benedicts Catholic College 2021

A parent says: “All teachers are providing brilliant learning for our child, we really do appreciate it and are so grateful for all the encouragement and inspiration they are giving to students.”

The wider curriculum At St Benedict’s we believe strongly in the value of the wider curriculum and offer a considerable extra-curricular programme, encouraging all students to get involved in a wide variety of activities. We have a long standing sporting tradition, which encourages sport for all as well as the usual teams and competitions, inside and outside the college. Our performing arts department is a thriving and exciting community within the college, with many opportunities to develop students’ talents, from individual tuition to ensemble work and music productions. We also have a strong tradition of developing students’ interests in drama and literature generally, with visits from children’s authors and trips to the theatre locally and to London.

We work hard at developing our students’ confidence and many excel at public speaking; we enter several speaking and debating competitions every year.

Opportunities are given each year for trips abroad; we also run regular pilgrimages.

At the end of the year, year 7 students attend a residential activities camp on Mersea Island.

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