St Benedicts Catholic College 2021

Behaviour for learning As a Catholic community, we acknowledge the different and unique talents which God has given us and our responsibility to use them wisely. We have a clear code of conduct to ensure everyone can work together safely and happily. Good work and behaviour are rewarded and there are clear consequences for any unacceptable behaviour. We endeavour to offer a safe, caring, well-ordered environment based on respect for all who make up the college community. We believe strongly that young people achieve more in an atmosphere of trust and encouragement. Our students contribute so much to the life of the college and deserve the many commendations they are given. The importance of excellent attendance is also recognised each term.

Partnership with parents and carers St Benedict’s strives to achieve its aims through a strong partnership between parents, teachers, governors, students and our local parishes. Many of our governors are parents/carers or past parents and members of our church communities. We believe that this enhances our sense of shared commitment and responsibility. We believe that we can only achieve the best for your child by close co-operation between home and school, through the use of students’ planners, weekly college newsletters and regular information about academic progress.

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