St Benedicts Catholic College 2021

Teaching and learning

At St Benedict’s we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of all students, enabling them to achieve their full educational and spiritual potential and make progress in their learning. Each year group has a designated Raising Standards Lead who tracks and monitors student progress as well as attendance and behaviour. They will implement interventions where students are not meeting expectations.

continue to provide a curriculum of breadth and balance: alongside the core subjects English, maths, science and RE, they are also given a wide choice of ‘pathways’ subjects including modern foreign languages. Almost all students can expect to be entered for at least nine GCSE examinations and many obtain more. A small group of students may, by invitation, be offered some alternative pathways to the curriculum above. This may include one or two days at a local college or work placement.

At key stage 3 all students study a full range of subjects. At key stage 4 our philosophy is to

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