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Starting up Students discuss what they think makes a good communicator and talk about different forms of written and spoken communication. Vocabulary: Good communicators Students look at vocabulary related to good and bad communicators.

Test File: Entry test

Lesson 1 Each lesson (excluding case studies) is about 45 to 60 minutes. This does not include administration and time spent going through homework.

Practice File Vocabulary (page 4 ) Practice exercises: Vocabulary 1 & 2 (DVD-ROM) i-Glossary (DVD-ROM) Resource bank: Listening (page 188 ) Practice exercises: Listening (DVD-ROM)

Listening: Improving communications Students listen to an expert on communications talking about good practice in the area.

Lesson 2

Reading: E-mail: for and against Students read an article about the good and bad aspects of e-mail. Language review: Idioms Students do language awareness and practice activities on some common idioms.

Text bank (pages 114 – 117 )

Practice File Language review (page 5 ) Practice Exercises: Language review 1 & 2 (DVD-ROM)

Lesson 3

Resource bank: Speaking (page 175 ) Practice File Survival Business English (page 55 ) Practice Exercises: Skills (DVD-ROM)

Skills: Dealing with communication breakdown Students listen to a phone conversation between a customer and a supplier and practise skills involved in dealing with breakdowns in communication.

Lesson 4 Each case study is about 1 1 / 2 Case study commentary (DVD-ROM) Resource bank: Writing (page 204 ) Practice File Writing (page 6 ) For a fast route through the unit focusing mainly on speaking skills, just use the underlined sections. For one-to-one situations, most parts of the unit lend themselves, with minimal adaptation, to use with individual students. Where this is not the case, alternative procedures are given. to 2 hours Case study: The price of success A company that makes and sells hi-tech electronic products has internal and external communication problems. Students role-play the firm’s directors and accept or reject solutions suggested by consultants.


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