Immunization Compliance Guide

Immunization Compliance Guide for EXPLO Students

Immunization Requirement To Participate As a licensed youth summer program in the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut, EXPLO must comply with state requirements prescribed by the boards of health of each state. Current state regulations require students attending EXPLO to have proof of immunizations against certain diseases which may pose a risk to public health. We understand that being vaccinated/immunized against these diseases is not standard practice in all parts of the world. Unfortunately, Connecticut and Massachusetts do not have exceptions for these requirements, and families are responsible for providing documentation that their children have been immunized prior to the Program. Failure to show proof of immunization will result in a child being unable to participate in the Program. Specific Required Immunizations for Connecticut and Massachusetts The following immunizations are required for all students attending EXPLO at Yale, Wellesley, and Wheaton. • DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) : At least 4 doses, with the last dose given on or after the 4th birthday • Tdap/Td Booster (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) : 1 dose given after August 3, 2009 for students who have completed their primary DTaP series • Polio : At least 3 doses, with the last dose given on or after the 4th birthday • MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) : 2 doses separated by at least 28 days, with the 1st dose on or after the 1st birthday • Meningococcal : 1 dose required for students entering 8th – 12th grade, must be after August 3, 2014 for students entering grades 10 – 12 • Hepatitis B : 3 doses, with the last dose given at 24 weeks of age or older • Varicella : 2 doses separated by at least 3 months, with the 1st dose on or after the 1st birthday (or verification of disease) Options for Families 1. Check with your physician. The easiest and most cost-effective way to meet the requirements to attend EXPLO is to check with your doctor or local hospital to see whether the immunization is available in your area. Simply complete the course of vaccines and upload proof of the immunization, dosage, and dates to your child’s CampDoc health profile. 2. Get a titer showing immunity. If your child has immunity to a particular disease, you may be able to get a blood test — or “titer” — from your physician showing such immunity. If your child has had a past infection of Hepatitis B, for example, then a titer may show natural immunity to this illness. Have your doctor provide titer results showing immunity and upload these results to your child’s CampDoc health profile. 3. For Varicella ONLY, have a physician confirm history of disease in writing. For varicella only, a lab/titer confirmation is not required. Confirmation in writing by a physician (MD), physician’s assistant, or APRN is sufficient proof of immunity for varicella. If your child had varicella (commonly known as “chickenpox”), please have your physician note the date on your Physician’s Evaluation form, or upload a note from your physician confirming the date to your child’s CampDoc health profile. 4. Plan to complete vaccination upon arrival at the program. If vaccines are not available in your area or are cost-prohibitive, EXPLO’s partner doctors are able to offer immunizations for students arriving to the United States during the first few days at the Program. Please note that the cost of the vaccines received vary in price and range from approximately $85.00 - $250.00. If you choose Option 4, please contact your Program’s Registrar as soon as possible to request a parental consent form for the appropriate Program. EXPLO will collect the applicable fees in advance of the start of the program.

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