NOVA Chiropractic & Acupuncture December 2018

HURRICANE HERO TONY ALSUP How One Man Saved Hundreds of Animals In the wake of destruction, it’s easy to focus on self-preservation. After all, fight-or-flight instincts are hard-wired into our brains so that we can survive dangerous situations. But while fear drives the actions of many in times of chaos, there are a few who find greater strength in compassion. Tony Alsup considered the potential devastation of Hurricane Florence as he sat comfortably in his home in Greeneville, Tennessee. Rather than sit back and watch, the truck driver by trade packed up an out-of-commission school bus he’d bought and set off to South Carolina with one goal in mind: to save as many animals as possible. Stopping by every shelter he found along the coast, Alsup rescued over 60 cats and dogs in both North and South Carolina and took them to Foley, Alabama. The heroic efforts of Alsup saved the lives of many animals, but it wasn’t the first time he’d rushed into danger for a good cause. He’d originally purchased the school bus, which he turned into Noah’s Ark last year, to save animals in Texas and Florida as Hurricane Harvey pounded the Gulf Coast. When he finished there, his mission shifted to helping animals in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island. It’s said that character is defined by the way someone acts when no one is watching. Many people heard of Alsup’s bravery after the devastation of Florence, but as news stories turned to sports, politics, and business, America slowly moved on. Victims of the hurricane who lacked supplies received less national attention, but more than a month later, Alsup’s commitment to the cause was as strong as ever. Living out of the back of the bus for weeks, he drove pets out of the persistent flooding and convoyed shipments of desperately needed supplies to the coastal Carolina towns. You can follow Tony’s commitment on Facebook. He’s not asking for money or fame; he’s just a person with heart to serve, using social media to promote awareness about those who desperately need our help. If you’re wondering what drives such a person, you can find it written at the bottom of every update he posts: “Love y’all, mean it.”


Running, Walking, and Standing Better

Walking is something people do without thinking twice about it. In the mornings, we walk from our bedrooms to the kitchen, out to the car, and then around the workplace. Individuals who have trouble with balance, an irregular walking pattern, or shooting pain in their feet can find this simple activity almost unbearable. An important component of a person’s health is a balanced foot structure. Think of the feet as the foundation of your body — if the foot structure is misaligned, then the rest of your body will be altered. If there’s a problem with a patient’s feet, it may lead to problems with their hips, knees, lower back, and even their neck. One of the simplest ways to correct this problem is through orthotics. Orthotics are prescribed medical shoe-inserts specifically designed to correct biomechanical foot issues in activities such as walking, running, or standing. They can also help foot pain. Adjusting to orthotics can take a short amount of time, but it’s recommended that you ease into them by wearing them only a few hours each day. For people who are more athletic, orthotics should not be worn for the duration of an athletic activity until the orthotics are completely comfortable. Also, keep in mind that your orthotics work best in shoes that fit appropriately. Take your orthotics with you when you’re purchasing new shoes, and wear the kind of socks you’d typically wear with the shoes to ensure they’ll work well. NOVA Chiropractic & Acupuncture utilizes the most advanced technology to develop your custom-made orthotics. We perform a digital scan of your feet to determine if there’s any abnormal pressure pressing on either foot. From this scan, custom orthotics are made by Foot Levelers to put your feet into proper alignment. Foot Levelers orthotics provide the support your feet need and aren’t rigid like most orthotics, making them more comfortable to wear. If you’re suffering from pain in your feet, legs, or back, orthotics can help. Call our offices today to see how we can help you get back on your feet and doing the things you love.

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