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We at Next Step Physical Therapy wanted to help you through these tough times in any way that we can. What does that mean? First of all we are still open - we are considered essential. The reason is that the government would prefer that anyone with musculoskeletal pain should come to see us instead of going to the ER or their primary care physician. Those folks need to help people with COVID-19 so it’s in everyone’s best interest for you to stay away from those places and come here instead. Understandably, many people are uncomfortable leaving their home and so Medicare and most insurances have now allowed people to get physical therapy treatment over the phone or on a video conference. You would be surprised at how much help we can still give even though we aren’t physically there during a tele-health visit. In addition we are posting information and tips on Facebook and through email to try to give you as

many resources as we can. There are also some non musculoskeletal tips we would like to give you. Where are you getting your virus information from? A good rule is to only consult the Center for Disease Control website ( for accurate information regarding the virus. There is a lot of misinformation out there on social media and talk shows, so make sure the information is coming from a credible source. Live press conferences are also better than listening to someone else talk ABOUT the press conference that took place earlier in the day. We also wanted to take this time to remind everyone that this will have an ending to it. We will be able to go outside and hug our friends and loved ones again, have dinner at your favorite restaurant, and watch your favorite sports teams. Hang in there! If you need us in any way - even if you just need someone to talk to - we are here for you.

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