Spotlight Branding - November 2019


It’s time to talk about that darling of marketing pitches and boardroom presentations: the proposal. You know the one. It’s five pages long, filled with graphs, pictures, drawn-out examples, and topped off by a flashy executive summary. All too often, we watch incompetent marketing companies use pretty proposals to get law firms to invest in their services. The sad truth is, those dazzling five-pagers are just a way of putting lipstick on a pig. Here at Spotlight Branding, we’re tired of potential clients asking us for proposals. We understand why they ask, but with us it’s not necessary because there’s no pig to dress up. We don’t need to send over a few pages of fluff to convince you to hire us because you’ll see the proof of our dedication in our consultation. In our view, proposals are unnecessary for two big reasons: 1. NO TWO CLIENTS ARE THE SAME Imagine if, during a consultation, a potential client asked you for a proposal. Would you have a flyer or brochure at the ready to explain how you’d

solve their legal problems? Odds are you wouldn’t because no two cases are the same. What you really need to know is where your client is now, what they’re struggling with, and where they hope to be. Then, you can verbally communicate how you can help. It’s the same in marketing — an effective strategy is one tailored to each client. 2. SUBSTANCE IS WHAT MATTERS If you sign up with a marketing company based on a glossy price sheet and list of services, don’t be surprised if you don’t see results six months later. A sexy proposal and a sleek website are no substitutes for a well-thought-out campaign. If you don’t understand your marketing company’s strategy and why it’s good for you, then you’re making your decisions based on the wrong information. Just because our industry has created certain expectations doesn’t mean we have to stick to them— or that you have to fall for them. Next time a proposal lands on your desk, cross that company off of your list and call Spotlight Branding. We’d be happy to sit down and discuss what really matters.

Allison Tilton and Michael Bender started The Grey Legal Group, APC in Murrieta, California, in June of 2016, focusing solely on family law. Initially, they worked with a web designer who focused on SEO to drive traffic. However, Allison and Michael were unhappy and felt as though they were paying a ton of money and getting nothing in return. They turned to Spotlight Branding in 2017. Although they weren’t exactly sure what their brand was at the time, they knew what kind of firm they wanted to be. We worked closely with them to figure out their target market and refine the message they wanted to communicate. CLIENT SUCCESS STORY THE GREY LEGAL GROUP, APC (FAMILY LAW)

When The Grey Legal Group launched their website, social media, blog, and e-newsletter services, they positioned themselves as a firm focused on their clients’ happiness and worked to cultivate a relaxing environment where everyone involved could achieve more. Since then, they upgraded to our video service to further that message. However, Allison knows her message is continuing to evolve:


“As we have grown and matured as entrepreneurs,” she said, “our ability to see our vision and objectives when it comes to our ideal clients, our ideal message, and our ideal brand has also matured. [...] We are excited to continue to work with Spotlight Branding to further cultivate our vision and brand!”

In the two-plus years they have worked with us, The Grey Legal Group has added four more employees (with plans to hire more before the year ends) and increased their revenue by nearly 700%!

More Referrals. Better Clients. Higher ROI.


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