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“I have been a client of Beautique Medical Spa for years. Their team is extremely knowledgeable of all the services they offer, always bringing the latest to the valley. Immediately when you walk through the door, it is such a relaxing experience. You feel like royalty. There is a treatment for everyone! Beautique offers all the services as if you were in a big city. Dr Sanchez has years of experience of making women feel more confident of their true beauty. My daughter and I go all-out with their facials, and let me tell you, they are the best! Don’t wait to indulge yourself in true zen at Beautique.” – Debi Childress Maqueda Have you enjoyed a similar experience at Beautique? Tell your friends about it, and you could win a trip to Paris! Every time you refer someone to Beautique Medical Spa, you’ll receive an entry for a trip for two to Paris, France, the City of Love. The more people you refer, the more chances you’ll have to win! Visit to learn more!

The Secret Lives of Brushes


Makeup brushes are some of the most useful tools in your cosmetic arsenal. They help you apply your makeup flawlessly to achieve your signature look. But if you don’t take the time to clean them regularly, you could be at risk for some serious skin care issues. See why you might want to consider giving those trusty bristles a good scrub. Why does it matter? According to a poll conducted on behalf of Anisa International, 61 percent of women who use makeup brushes clean them less than once a month or not at all. Your dirty makeup brushes are breeding grounds for acne-causing bacteria and skin-irritating organisms — which you wipe across your face every time you use your brushes. In addition to the ickiness, dirty brushes are more difficult to work with. If you’re going for a light sweep of blush for your grandma’s 80th birthday party, you’re going to have trouble achieving that look with the neon pigments coating your brush from last week’s costume party. Okay, ew . How do I clean my brushes? There are many ways to clean your makeup brushes, but you don’t have to go out and purchase a special brush cleaner. Simply swirl the bristles in a shallow mixture of antibacterial dish soap, olive oil, and warm water to deeply clean the brush. Be careful to avoid getting water near your brush’s ferrule, which can damage the glue that holds it together. Gently squeeze out the excess water and shape the bristles before laying your brush out to dry over a cup or on a towel. For frequent makeup users, a spray cleanser can make it easier to clean your brushes daily, but you will still need to do regular deep cleanings to keep bacteria at bay. I’m sold. How often should I clean my brushes? The answer here can vary depending on the kinds of brushes you use and how often you use them. If you’re a makeup artist, cleaning your brushes after every application is recommended, but if you’re just a makeup fanatic, you may want to clean your brushes once a week. For the average makeup wearer, 1–4 cleanings per month will get the job done if you only apply light amounts of makeup. Remember that even though foundation brushes are larger, eyeshadow brushes often have the most gunk. So much of your makeup application relies on having a nice canvas, so protecting your skin from built-up oil and acne-causing bacteria is worth the few minutes it takes to clean your brushes. | page 4 | 956-664-1234

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