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Conflict resolution is never easy work. One wrong move can trigger the fault lines in an already complicated relationship. On the other hand, nothing good comes of allowing an unresolved problem to fester. Finding common ground is a must, even when it’s difficult or painful. We’ve provided resolution practices for both internal and external affairs so that you can be ready to handle any conflicts that come your way. SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions,” a book written by leadership guru John Maxwell, lays out the foundational concepts behind any effective conflict resolution session. Ask questions. If communication is a two-way street, then conflict resolution is a highway. Asking a great question starts the flow of communication. “Why?” is often the easiest and best question to start with. “Five Whys” by Sakichi Toyoda is a method that you can use to untangle any issue. According to this principle, you can get to the heart of the matter within five times of asking why. Understanding and articulating the core of your issue will help you create a win-win scenario. CREATE A WIN-WIN In a win-win scenario, your conflict is resolved in a way that satisfies all involved parties. Ensure a win-win by taking these steps. 3 SKILLS YOU NEED TO RESOLVE YOUR NEXT CONFLICT • • • • •

Acknowledge the issue. Find common ground. Understand all sides.

Attack the issue, not the person. Develop a mutual plan of action.

COMPROMISE IS KEY Most conflicts come from emotional wounds, and those wounds need to be healed. The only way to truly find a solution for both parties is to find mutual compromise. If you are coming from a place of understanding and working toward a win-win, then compromise is a natural stepping stone to conflict resolution. If you aren’t, compromise may just be a way to put a patch on the problem instead of actually solving it. Successful conflict resolution resides in these three ideals, and all of them require emotional intelligence. A certain degree of self-awareness and empathy is the foundation of finding solutions. When these traits are combined with understanding, an effort to find a win-win situation, and willingness to compromise, you’ll find your conflicts resolved in an effective, equitable manner that will maintain relationships for a lifetime.


Simply put, Otto Keil Florist and Emma’s Garden believe in taking care of their employees. That translates to happy employees — employees who, like the business, go the extra mile. The relationship they have built as a team (as well as with their customers) is a collaboration. They make it a point to listen. This is a business that has strived, and succeeded, to build an excellent reputation and a good name in the community. When you do good, your reputation precedes you. It’s an a example a lot of businesses can learn from. At the end of the day, they work hard, do good, and create opportunities. When you bring these things together, you’ll find that they’ve made their own luck — luck that has persisted for 76 years, and will undoubtedly hold for many more years to come. Ask anyone in the Keil family, and they will tell you just how fortunate, and lucky, they are.

How often do you come across a business that not only deeply cares about the community, but also shows that

same level of care for its employees? Meet Otto Keil Florist.

This family business got its start in 1942. Today, they’re third generation family-owned and they are a genuine staple of the community. A wholesale greenhouse, they serve independent customers, and they do so year-round. No matter your needs, they are there for you. But they are also there for their employees. In the agricultural industry, it’s no secret that workers aren’t always treated with the highest level of respect. Usually, the pay isn’t good, and the jobs are seasonal. The idea of “stability” is little more than a dream. Otto Keil Florist and Emma’s Garden turns that idea on its head. They compensate their employees better and they hold onto them year-round. Plus, they offer benefits — real benefits many folks in other industries take for granted. It’s a rarity in agriculture, where many businesses don’t offer competitive benefits or good pay.

Otto Keil Florist and Emma’s Garden Growers 30 East Gate Drive Huntington, NY 11743 631-692-7627

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