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Epicor Financial Planner | Case Study | RPB Safety

Case Study | RPB Safety “Epicor Financial Planner is a clearly thought-out application, there is not much customizing needed, it just works” RPB Safety

Respirator manufacturing company finds the perfect solution to their budgeting needs with Epicor Financial Planner The perfect trio: time savings, ease of use, and it works The Respiratory Protection Brand or RPB Safety manufactures and supplies respiratory protective equipment. The company offers supplied and powered air respirators, airline filters, and air monitoring equipment for abrasive blasting, engineering, foundries, painting, and pharmaceutical industries.

Company Profile Overview

• Location: Royal Oak, MI • Industry: Manufacturing • Website: https://www.rpbsafety.com/ Success Highlights Challenges • Need to combine two companies into a single financial statement to budget better and improve the management of costs across multiple locations and currencies • Need a user-friendly solution for the finance department • Save time within the finance department in creating and managing budgets • Reduce manual work The Solution • Epicor Kinetic (ERP) • Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) Benefits • Integration with Epicor Kinetic • Works out-of-the-box, very few customizations needed • Time savings of at least a day per month • Ease of use • Complete budgeting abilities • Quick and easy implementation • Prompt and attentive product support

RPB has locations in Belgium, USA and New Zealand.

RPB was actively looking for a budget planning software that uses data from their ERP system, which could help them improve managing their budgets across the entire organization. RPB wanted a tool that could help them transition from Excel spreadsheets with complete and advanced budgeting capabilities being able to address their pain points. The most important requirements of RPB were that the solution should be easy to use by their finance team, and that it should integrate with their current ERP system. The Challenge Tom Allison is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of RPB, describes their challenge as this: “We needed to combine our two companies into a single financial statement so we could budget better and manage our costs across multiple locations and currencies. It was burdensome to do this in Excel. It was also important to us to find a budgeting solution that offered ease of use for the team, and a solution that could handle budgeting per company, per currency as well as automatically combine two companies including intercompany combining entries.” Tom remembers well how they got connected with the EFP team: “We first heard of EFP at Insights. They had a booth there that we visited. Once we demoed with EFP, we knew this was what we needed. It ticked all the boxes for us in terms of ease of use, integration with Kinetic, complete budgeting capabilities, and more.”


Epicor Financial Planner | Case Study | RPB Safety

The Implementation After making the decision on selecting EFP, RPB was surprised on the easiness of the whole implementation process. Tom said: “One of the things we really liked was our implementation experience. We were quoted 80 hours to implement EFP, but we only used 15 hours of that. The implementation of EFP was relatively easy, and we did not encounter any major hiccups at all. It is worth mentioning that the EFP team knows their product well and they are willing to do what it takes to make it work for us. It is a clearly thought-out application, and there is not much customizing needed. It just works! From the time we signed our contract, we got EFP live and working for us in about 6 weeks, and we received a lot of support from the EFP team at DSPanel during this time and after. Looking back at the implementation phase, I would have liked to start using EFP with one company before jumping straight into two. That would be the takeaway from our implementation experience.”

First Year Experience with EFP RPB has been using EFP for more than a year, since they abandoned sending Excel files back and forth. They use EFP The Works, a SaaS version of the product that contains all modules. Two persons work with reports and budgets at RPB Safety, and there are a couple of non-EFP users who consume the EFP outputs. According to Tom, “the ability of EFP to combine statements and allowing our managers to create and view their budgets are invaluable for us. We have not used the Excel version of EFP, we use the web version heavily today. For us the biggest benefit of using EFP would be time savings for our team and the ease of making and managing budgets. I would say it is not easy to learn right away, but like anything it just needs time and training. We did not have to utilize formal training to get up and running. We just needed more time with learning and training the different features of the system. The support for the product has been great. We had no difficulty getting help. Anything that needed adjusted were adjusted by the DSPanel team.”


Epicor Financial Planner | Case Study | RPB Safety

The CFO Recommends EFP Tom considers EDP a great product: “If I am to rate EFP as a product/solution to our pain points within the company, with 1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest, I would rate EFP 10. If I am to rate the implementation experience we had with EFP, with 1 being the unhappiest and 10 being the happiest, I would say 10.

I would absolutely recommend EFP to anyone using Kinetic.

My message as a CFO to anyone asking what my take is on EFP as a solution for the finance departments would be – “It works well, has great support and integrates seamlessly with Kinetic. I believe it is a worthwhile investment”.

About Epicor Financial Planner Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) delivers full financial reporting, planning, budgeting, performance management, and consolidation capabilities that complement your selected combination of ERP and line of business systems. It is designed to support a multitude of moderately complex to very complex business issues and is designed to scale as your business grows in revenue and complexity. To see a demo of Cloud EFP today or to inquire about its pricing, please email info@dspanel.com or speak to your Epicor Account Manager. You may also visit www.efpcloud.com for more info.

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