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My husband and I were very young when we were married on a warm, late-August day. It was a traditional wedding, complete with a big white dress and a huge celebration with our families in small-town Ohio. More than 25 years later, it’s fun to look back on those memories and think about how we have grown. We have certainly come a long way from the two young kids taking a chance on one another. My 15 years spent in older adult care has shown me the power in spousal relationships, even my own marriage. Having been at Memory Care of Naples since this past January, I have seen the immense challenges and heartbreak that spouses go through when they are burned out as a caregiver. No one can fulfill that caregiver role 24/7, but that’s where we come in. Every day, our staff cares for your loved one so you can get back to being their loving spouse.

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approaching, we knew we had to make their reunion special.

We already knew it was going to be powerful, and we wanted to give them the privacy they deserved. Staff at our facility set up our

This Easter, the staff and residents at Memory Care of Naples saw the significance of these relationships. A new resident came to

Memory Care of Westover Hills

private dining room for an Easter brunch for the family, positioning our resident at the head of the table and his wife in the seat of honor to his right. Our resident immediately lit up at the sight of his wife, and he held her hand throughout the entire meal. It was a reunion just months in the making, but when you have built a life together, any time apart is heartbreaking.

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O ur families can go home at night knowing there is a nurse caring for their loved one ...

live with us after his wife was taken to the hospital with a cardiac condition. The couple’s daughters arranged for their dad to live at our facility while their mom recovered in the hospital earlier this year, so his care could still be tended to. For two months, the sisters were shuffling between the hospital

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What most people who aren’t in the throes of a dementia diagnosis don’t realize

and our facility, visiting and checking on their parents while managing their full-time jobs and personal lives. Meanwhile, this husband and wife duo hadn’t seen one another, and with Easter

is the power of that long-term memory. Most of our residents believe they are much younger

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JT and Norma Compton Make Memory Care of Little Rock Their New Home Sharing Your Stories


When JT Compton would visit his childhood friend’s

home, he never paid much attention to his friend’s family — until 16-year-old JT caught a glimpse of his friend’s 14-year-old sister, Norma.

3 Free Apps to Help You Catch Those Z’s

“I fell in love immediately,” JT says with a little laugh.

Norma and JT while on a cruise, middle age

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The couple was married when Norma was just 16, and their eldest son was born nine months and one day after their wedding. When their third and youngest son was 15 years old, Norma decided she wanted to go back to school. “She took her LPN training and continued on to get her RN … She got her college degree, masters, and doctorate, all of this when our youngest son was 15,” JT

Norma as a high school senior

recalls. “When someone tells me now that they are too old for something, I tell them that story.”

Norma would go on to have a successful career as a counselor. “She dedicated her entire career to working with people who needed it, whether they could pay or not,” JT says. “She was a great lady ... is a great lady.” Today, Norma and JT live together at Memory Care of Little Rock, while Norma battles Alzheimer’s. Having worked, owned, and managed nursing home facilities for nearly 50 years, JT knew that when Norma needed additional care, he needed to find the best. He only had one stipulation: He wanted to stay with his wife of 65 years.

JT and Norma 20 years ago

Thankfully, Memory Care of Little Rock told them they didn’t have to be apart. For more than 2 1/2 years, JT and Norma have lived together in the facility. “They just accepted us as part of the family,” JT says. “They just have taken her — and, well, me too — under their wing … I don't hesitate leaving her for a few hours or even overnight sometimes because I know that she will be taken care of.” The couple still spends every day and night together, and without Memory Care of Little Rock, JT doesn’t know if that could have been possible. “If I hadn’t been able to stay with her, I would have had to leave her here or somewhere ... I just really feel blessed. I’m probably getting more out of this than she is … She is now totally disabled, has to be helped from the bed to the chair,” JT says. “But she still has a beautiful smile on her face all the time.” If you would like to be featured in our newsletter or if you know a family that could benefit from our services, please call 833.MEM.CARE (636.2273) or visit Don’t keep our work a secret; referrals are the best compliment you can give us.


Do Not Keep Our Work a Secret!

Caring Communities Memory Care Honors Memories and Milestones

Memory Care of Little Rock Executive Director Matt Manning presents Certified Nursing Assistant Calin with his award

Whether we're dancing the afternoon away or commemorating a milestone, each day at our Memory Care America communities is special. This May, Memory Care of Naples honored soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice with a Memorial Day luncheon.

Memory Care of New Braunfels celebrates special birthdays

Memory Care of Little Rock recognized one of its Certified Nurse Assistants, Calin, as Employee of the Month. (Thank you for your hard work, Calin!)

The celebrations didn't stop this spring across our other locations either.

Memory Care of New Braunfels recognized birthdays with delicious cake and big smiles! Boot-scootin' dance moves were on full display at Memory Care of Simpsonville's tribute to Scuffletown, USA, while Memory Care of Westover Hills relished the old days at its annual car show and barbecue. Funds from this event were donated to the Alzheimer's Association.

Memory Care of Simpsonville had a line dancing party!

If someone you know would like to learn more about our Memory Care America communities, don't keep

our work a secret! Direct them to our website at or find us on Facebook.

Memory Care of Naples honors Memorial Day

Memory Care of Westover Hills' held its annual car show.

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than they are, often talking about raising their children and making dinner for their husbands before they return home. Being able to reminisce and become someone’s partner again, especially when that long-term memory is throwing their loved one back to an earlier time, is a remarkable part of dementia care. Our families can go home at night knowing there is a nurse caring for their loved one, and that if anything were to happen, they would only have to fulfill their role as a loved one and not a caretaker. Relationships with a dementia diagnosis are challenging. Every day is a new day for someone with dementia, and for their families, care is just as exhausting. If we can bring some of that love back into their partnership and fulfill the caretaking duties for them, then we can give our families something that is so precious during dementia: just a little bit more time as a spouse.






— Tina Browning



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Do Not Keep Our Work a Secret!



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Memory Care Wellness

FOOD FOR A CLEAR MIND What We Can Learn From Cooking Without Alliums

Can you imagine cooking without alliums, aka garlic, onions, chives, or leeks? In Buddhist

How is this achieved? With fermented foods, carefully aged sauces, and fresh ingredients picked straight from the source. Many temples grow their own food and use what’s in season, preserving vegetables and fruits at the end of summer to sustain them through the winter. Soy sauce is traditionally fermented in large jars throughout the year and can be aged for 50 years or more to elicit the deep umami flavor that makes temple cuisine so flavorful. Each meal is intended to be fulfilling and nourishing so residents can focus on their meditation and prayers. Several different cultures and religions, including Buddhism and Ayurvedic medicine, have traditionally avoided alliums because the pungent properties in them are believed to distract the mind. Those following a low-FODMAP diet (a diet restricting foods not well absorbed by the small intestine) and those suffering from IBS also opt to cut alliums from their diet to improve digestion. It may be worth avoiding alliums for a day or two and noting how you feel. Maybe, like the nuns and monks in Korea, you’ll find yourself graced with a clear mind and a happy belly.

temples in Korea, avoiding alliums is something that has been practiced for hundreds of years. Days are

filled with prayer, meditation, and meals centered on vegetables and fermented foods — no meat, fish, or alliums. Monks and nuns who live in these temples cook with intention, to keep a clear mind and a healthy body. As one nun explains, “The food creates the entire human being.” A typical temple meal might include rice, mushroom fritters, fried potatoes, kimchi, fermented radishes, marinated tofu, and

crispy greens. Despite missing the ingredients so many of us rely on for flavor, anyone who’s tried temple food attests to how aromatic and delicious it is.


Do Not Keep Our Work a Secret!

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