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As we approach the end of the summer, all the runners around town are getting in their training miles, prepping for all the big marathons coming up in the fall. While I’m recovering from an injury, and probably won’t be participating in any marathons anytime soon, I am trying to get back in shape, despite some issues with my calves and my incredibly busy schedule. But honestly, whether I’m getting ready for a 26- mile challenge or just jogging on the day-to-day, running is more than a hobby for me. At this point in my life, you could almost call it a compulsion. After all, even with my crazy calendar, I have to do s omething to expend all this energy and keep myself healthy. Though it’s been a challenge, I’ve been doing a lot of work lately to get back into the rhythm of running regularly. I’m not sure if I’m there yet, but it feels good to

my health as I get older. Back when we all used to run together, they kept up with me despite being quite a bit older than me, and even now, Steve puts in 30–40 miles every week. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise — back when they were my age, they could beat my record times no problem. Meanwhile, Byron is completing the Boston Marathon in 3 hours 30 minutes, which is amazingly fast for his age. I figure if I can be in half the shape they’re in at their age, I’ll be set. With all the demands of work and life, I can’t find a lot of time to go out running with that crewmuch anymore. But with my new smartwatch, I’ve found a way to keep the camaraderie and competition going while holding myself accountable. Many of my running buddies have picked up devices that track our miles, which we then upload to Strava and send to one another. So, I’ll see my friend running 5 miles on a Saturday and find myself off the couch in mere seconds, ready to go match his time. While I’ve never really “gotten out” of the running game, it’s been a long time since it’s been a central part of my life. Honestly, I wish this was just due to laziness, because injury is a lot harder to overcome. But recently, I’ve rediscovered the joys of being out in nature, pushing my body to the limit. It’s the ultimate release. And best of all, if I can find time for a run in one of the random times of the day that it fits, everything else just falls into place. Whether or not my calves, calendar, and training will allow me to get anywhere near where I used to be, I’m just thrilled to make running a habit again in my life.

be making it more of a priority after easing off for a fewmonths. Coming back from an injury isn’t easy, but I feel that I’m at least making some headway. As a member of the Delaware County Road Runners Club for over 15 years, I’ve run my share of miles. But even though I’d consider myself a pretty speedy guy, I’ll always look up to my buddies Steve Whitmore and Byron Mundy. These guys are still just cranking out the miles despite being up there in years, giving me hope for

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