Campbell Wealth Management - March 2019

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for the Future BLUEPRINTS

As I met with each tradesman and planned the future of our office, it struck me how familiar it all was. Every single detail is planned out and coordinated — just like we plan out every detail for our clients’ financial and retirement plans. We look at so many details, from their estate to any and all insurance the client has — like life insurance and risk-management insurance. We look at income, find out where it comes from, and strategize the best ways to help our clients withdraw from retirement accounts. This is just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes down to it, we’re putting together a blueprint of someone’s retirement. This blueprint guides clients every step of the way to help ensure the end result is what they envisioned. And if something needs to be redrawn, we’re here to make those adjustments. As with any plan, sometimes changes do need to be made to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. A good plan is adaptable. That said, we can’t overstate how important retirement planning is. Just like we can’t just start hammering away at drywall and hope to end up with our dream office, you don’t want to jump into retirement without knowing where you want to go, or where you dream to go. The reality is that very few people have a plan, let alone a process to implement a plan that they follow every day. Most people improvise Continued on Page 3 ...

As you know, we recently made the move into a new building. As with any move, it wasn’t without its hiccups. We first signed the lease to our new office about a year ago. It wasn’t until September 2018 that we actually started making the move. In theory, everything should have been said and done before the end of the year. As I said, there were hiccups. For instance, the person who was in charge of the new lease agreement retired, adding some confusion to the move. The other big hiccup was our new office space wasn’t ready. Not even close. It was barebones and essentially needed to be built out from barebones. Thankfully, the property manager gave us the option to move into an interim office space and wouldn’t charge us until we moved into our official new space. While it wasn’t perfect, we made do. In January, work finally began on our new space. Everything started coming together after I met with architects, contractors, interior designers, and so on. There was meeting after meeting of planning and getting every detail just right for our future home. I wanted to make sure everything was going to be just right for our team and our clients. I had to think through everything from ceiling vents to where to hang flat-screen TVs for client presentations.

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