Fritz PT. Neck Pain & Headaches

FOCUS ON NECK PAIN TO RELIEVE HEADACHES It’s the end of the day and your head is pounding and your neck is aching. Was it the work you were doing? Was it the stress or the way you were sitting? Your neck is an intricate structure with hundreds of muscles and nerves. The joints in your neck provide movement while the discs in between the bones, give support and shock absorption. In today’s world of sitting for long periods at work, computers and watching TV your neck muscles, joints and nerves can become strained and irritated. The fact is that even the simplest movements can cause short periods of neck pain. Yet some of us may actually be experiencing chronic neck pain. Simple, repetitive movements can lead to prolongedmuscle tightness, which can take time to show symptoms. In comparison, muscle strains happen with quick jolts such as an injury or lifting something too heavy. WHEN YOU NEED PHYSICAL THERAPY, WE’VE GOT IT. • Back Pain/Neck Pain • Knee/Shoulder/Hip Pain • Headaches • Aqua Therapy • Arthritis • Foot/Ankle Pain • Weakness & Deconditioning • Workers Comp Injuries • Auto Accident Injuries • Sciatica/Stenosis • Surgical Rehabilitation • Walking/Balance Difficulties

If you want to return to a pain-free, active lifestyle, contact us today to schedule an appointment at Fritz: 412-278-1221 or KineticEdge: 724-900-5130.

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