Jon Carson Consulting November 2018

November 2018

When You Get, Give

Oprah Winfrey says when you get, give. And once you learn, teach. I believe if we focus more on giving thanks, we will find more joy in our lives. My goal this November is to be thankful every day. If we focus on finding happiness, the bar keeps rising. It may get harder to find and become more of a challenge. But that is not the case with true joy. Last Thanksgiving, Clare and I wanted to make good use of the time we had to bless others. We decided to help serve Thanksgiving dinner at the Boise Rescue Mission. If you can serve others who are less fortunate, that is a great step toward recognizing and acting on your gratitude. As the time-worn saying goes, starting

your morning with gratitude will provide you with a better attitude.

I feel that taking time to express gratitude has made me better at my job. I’m moving from being a sales trainer and business coach to being an encourager. My favorite encourager is a man in the Bible named Barnabas. His role was to encourage Saul — who became Paul — in his quest to share the Word. We all need encouragement. Use this month of November to practice the art of being thankful. When you get, be sure to give or pass it on. When you learn, do your best to teach. I’m thankful that you read this newsletter every month and that I get to serve you. -Dave Tester

One book I encourage you to read this month is called “Miracle Morning.” It’s written by Hal Elrod. It’s a quick read. Not only will it help you wake up earlier, but it will also put your heart in the right place each day, noticing small things. Our little acreage has helped us in the practice of appreciating small things. For example, on the last day of October, our rose bush provided us with two final red roses. When we smell sugar beets, alfalfa, or even onions being harvested, we appreciate the hard work of farmers. I’m even thankful for hot water in the shower.


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