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One Secret to Getting More Organized

I think it’s human nature to be happier when we have structure in our lives. Even though I wasn’t always an organized person, I definitely strive to be as organized as I can today. Entire workdays and workweeks are usually blocked out on my calendar with events and appointments. I even plan out what I’ll do on my vacations to a certain extent. I enjoy all aspects of my life more when I’m not flying by the seat of my pants, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate to that. But one important question remains: How do we stick with it? I wasn’t an organized person after I graduated from high school, and I didn’t want to go to college. I wanted to work and save money. I did that for about three years, and during that time, one of my bosses, Mr. Farthing, encouraged me to further my education. He was one of the best mentors I have ever had, and I took his advice to pursue an

was that a lot of them planned their entire day, week, month, year — as far into the future as they could go. So, I wrote down everything with a pen and paper. When I got to college, I worked a third shift job from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. and went to class right after I got off work. For several years, I only got about four hours of sleep a day, but I was a straight-A student who was nationally ranked as one of the best accounting students in the country. I wanted a college degree and a successful career, and my ability to manage my time helped me do that. That was why I was able to stick with a structured schedule, and why I still stick with a structured schedule today: There was a reward to achieve, a goal to accomplish. When organization helps me achieve a goal, it’s much easier for me to stick with the habit. It’s much harder to be organized just for organization’s sake.


while I’m talking to a client. I want to hear their story and why they’re buying a house, and I want to really get to know them. I want them to feel important because they are. But, if I’m thinking about other things during the meeting, chances are my clients wouldn’t feel like their future is a priority to me. While wanting to manage your time and organize your space better isn’t a bad thing, it’s easier to do when you have a reason to get more organized. And the clearer the reason, the better. So, if you’re not as organized as you would like to be, you can’t just ask yourself how to get there — you have to ask yourself why you want to get there in the first place.

“That was why I was able to stick with a structured schedule, and why I still stick with a structured schedule today: There was a reward to achieve, a goal to accomplish.”

education and a career, rather than just a job. That came with some difficult decisions. My parents couldn’t pay for any of my college education, so I had to work and apply for scholarships to pay for all of it. Adding a job on top of college meant every minute was valuable, and I would need a serious lesson in time management.

I’m 100% paid through commission with Homeside. It seems like it would be nerve-wracking, but I love that I get to choose my hours because of it. This past summer, I chose to work longer hours because I wanted to achieve greater peace of mind later on. That was how I was able to stay organized even with a less structured workday. Having a goal works on a smaller scale as well. I schedule appointments with clients meticulously because I don’t want to wonder about what the rest of my day is going to be like

-Jamie Harrington

I started studying how some of the most successful people at that time managed their day. What I found



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Fall Family Fun Decorate Your House With Your Own Creations!

Fun Finger Food

The leaves are turning, the weather is changing, and the holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time to bring out the fall decor! To make this season especially memorable for your family, create your own decorations with these fun ideas below.

When you’ve got multiple friends and familymembers coming over and you need snacks, edible decorations are the way to go.You can get a little creative andmake elaborate treats, or you can opt for delicious and easy-to-make finger foods with your kids. A good starting treat for your family is a batch of pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats. Add orange food coloring to themix and get your kids to shape the treats like pumpkins before using a few pretzel sticks tomake sturdy stems.

Pine Cone Painting

Go on a family walk through the park to pick up a few fallen pine cones or take a quick trip to the store to buy a bag. Once everyone has their own hand- picked pine cone, grab a paintbrush and a few colors and have at it! For extra flair, add some fixings like glitter, beads, sequins, string, and more.

Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving is only a month away, and your possibilities for holiday-themed crafts are endless with just a few supplies like paper, scissors, markers, and string. You can make turkey placemats, tissue paper trees, pumpkin garlands, paper pumpkins, or leaf mobiles to hang from the ceiling. Compile a list of ideas and have your kids pick out which craft they want to do first, then get to work together to create as many decorations as you want to display for Turkey Day.

Leaf Painting

Take a trip outside with the kids to pick out some large, unbroken leaves, then head back inside and get creative! You can pull out the construction paper and paint trees, using handprints and “arm prints” as the trunks and branches. Paint the leaves you found to spruce up your trees or use them as decorations on their own. You can also use them for leaf printing or leaf pressing.

With these engaging craft ideas, the whole family will be eager to make their own decorations and show them off for months to come!

Not an Easy Direction But a Rewarding One

I’ve worked as a firefighter since shortly after I graduated from high school. I wanted to serve my country, and college wasn’t something I could afford, so I started looking at the military for options or steps I could take. My dad was in the service, so he was able to give me the inside scoop on which jobs would be beneficial to me after I got out of the military. I was going to be a loadmaster on a cargo plane at first, but my depth perception didn’t meet the standard for working on a cargo plane. Honestly, looking back I’m kind of glad it didn’t work out. Loadmasters get to travel with the cargo planes, so it would have been a great way to see the world, but the skills I would have learned would not have been as applicable to a civilian job. I eventually decided to be a firefighter with the Air Force because any certification you get to fight fires in the Air Force is applicable to civilian firefighting, too. I did that for four years, and now I work as a civilian firefighter for the Fort Jackson U.S. Army base in South Carolina.

I was kind of shell-shocked going from high school right into the military. I was just some punk 18-year- old kid who wasn’t too sure what to do or where to go. The direction I took wasn’t easy, but it was rewarding. I fully credit my time serving in the Air Force for any accomplishments I’ve made since then. Now, I’m 26 years old, my wife Gabby is 27 years old, and we just bought a house. Because I’m a veteran and a firefighter, Jamie Harrington at Homeside Financial helped us get some of the Homes for Heroes benefits, which cut the cost of our down payment to a fraction of the original cost. Jamie just blew our previous mortgage company out of the water in terms of service and industry knowledge. I fully endorse Jamie, and Gabby and I are so thankful for the help we received from Homes for Heroes.

-Zachary Fowler


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No-Carve Pumpkin Designs! JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN 

Jack-o’-lanterns go hand-in-hand with Halloween, but digging through the inside of a pumpkin is not something everyone enjoys. If you aren’t keen on cutting open a pumpkin, here are a few no-carve ideas you can try this Halloween!

Haunted House 

Take a few pumpkins, stack them on top of each other, and create a spooky pumpkin haunted house! Then, use paint, balsa wood sheets, and hot glue to create silhouettes, ghosts, windows, and doors for a haunting effect! 

Creative With String 

Use cotton twine and hot glue to create a web-like design on the surface of your pumpkin. Don’t forget to add a few plastic spiders! You can also use string art to create ghostly words or images. Lay our your design with small pegs or nails and wrap the string around them to reach your desired effect.

Nothing but Net  

You can create eerie pumpkins using fishnet stockings. Spray-paint your pumpkin if desired — just make sure the design of the stockings will stand out. Once the paint is dry, cut the legs off the stockings, slide the pumpkin inside, remove the extra fabric around the stem, and use hot glue to secure it. 

Colorful Paint 

Painting your Halloween pumpkins gives everyone a chance to participate. Be creative by using different designs, cutouts for silhouettes, drip paint to create a marble design, or nail polish and water to give white pumpkins a unique and vibrant look.

A Spooky Monster 

Our experience with Homeside Financial was wonderful. Ms. Harrington and her team went above and beyond to walk us through the entire process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone new to the home buying experience!

By adding a witch hat, wrapping a pumpkin in cheesecloth, attaching spider legs, or tying on a vampire cape, you can create a pumpkin version of the most popular Halloween monsters. Along with these accessories, you can also use paint, construction paper, and other craft materials to add the details that will make your creation pop!

Thank you, Ma’am,

James Hooker

For more detailed directions for these pumpkin designs and more ideas, visit 



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The Secret to a Perfect Jack-O’-Lantern

Pumpkin Screams 5 Tips for Longer-Lasting Jack-O’-Lanterns

Jack-o’-lanterns are an iconic part of the Halloween aesthetic, but they can quickly backfire. If you carve your pumpkins too early, youmay end up with a moldy mess on Halloween. The first rule of jack-o’-lanterns is to wait as long as possible before you start carving. Here are some other tips to help you achieve the perfect jack-o’-lantern this year. Find the perfect pumpkin. A great jack-o’-lantern starts in the pumpkin patch—or in the grocery store if you’re short on time. Look for a fresh pumpkin with a sturdy, green stem, no bruises, and a flat bottom so it’s stable when you’re carving. Size and shape aren’t important, so long as the pumpkin sparks your creativity. Just make sure you don’t accidentally bring home a small sugar pie pumpkin, which will be harder to carve. Wash your pumpkin. Before you start carving, mix 1 tsp of chlorine bleach with 4 liters of water and wash your pumpkin to help prevent mold. Be sure to wear gloves! Cut from the back. Cutting the top of the pumpkin is traditional, but it removes the stem, which helps keep the pumpkin fresh. It also threatens the structural integrity of the pumpkin. Cutting from the bottom

is not good, either, because all the liquid inside the pumpkin will ooze out. For the best results, carefully cut a hole in the back of the pumpkin. Apply petroleum jelly. After you’ve scooped out all the“pumpkin guts”and carved your masterpiece, apply a little petroleum jelly to the cuts. This will help seal inmoisture. The Farmers’Almanac also recommends spraying your pumpkin with anti-humidity hairspray to lock in freshness. Go electric. Using a real candle heats up the inside of the pumpkin, causing it to decompose faster. An LED tealight with a flickering effect will create that classic spooky jack-o’-lantern look and keep the pumpkin cool. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any trick-or-treaters getting burned if they accidentally trip over your pumpkin. These tips are to help your jack-o’-lantern last longer. When it comes to designs, feel free to let your imagination run wild! The best jack-o’-lantern is one you’re proud to show off on Halloween.


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