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Any red-blooded American male who grew up in the ’70s and ’80s remembers Clint Eastwood as Detective Harry Callahan in the “Dirty Harry” movies. One of his favorite questions to ask the criminals he would apprehend, when he saw a look of crazy rebellion in their eyes, was, “You have to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’” Every May, thousands of young pitchers will make the natural transition from high school baseball to summer baseball. They will have to decide 1) Do they simply play in tournaments and showcases all summer? 2) Do they take the summer off and train? 3) Do they do a hybrid and mix the two? Unfortunately, many young men will simply follow the “herd” and do what their friends and teammates do. They will fail to look internally and assess a) how their school season REALLY went, and b) specifically what they personally need to do over the summer to reach their long- or intermediate-term goals. For example, some young men were rookies on a very good veteran staff and didn’t pitch much during their high school season. These guys might simply need to use the summer to get their innings in and build experience. DO YOU FEEL LUCKY?

However, most athletes’ summer decisions may not be quite so straightforward.

Some desperately need to gain velocity over the summer.

Some need better command of their fastball or off speed stuff.

Some need to add a secondary pitch to their repertoire.

Some need to improve their recovery and/or eliminate their arm discomfort.

For these young men, simply rolling into the summer with their friends becomes a very bad idea.

They need to get this obstacle or constraint corrected, or they will never approach their God-given potential as a throwing athlete.

Sometimes a little tough love is required. Sometimes, during the year, we ALL need a Detective Callahan looking us straight in our eyes and requiring us to look internally and take an honest assessment of our situation by asking, “Do you feel lucky?”

– Ron Wolforth


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