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Everything Comes Back Around

Vinyl records outsold digital music for the first time ever in 2016. Over the last decade, digital recordings have dominated the marketplace for many reasons, but most importantly, thanks to convenience. Bearing this in mind, why would someone choose to buy a format that’s heavier, larger, and indisputably less convenient? To know the “why” is to know the history of the format. LPs, or long plays, were first introduced by RCA Victor in 1930 and were improved into the records we know today by Columbia Records in 1948. For years, records ruled the marketplace, due in large part to a lack of alternative format options. Over time, the trend in music media has been to downsize and improve sound quality. The 8-track tape in ’64, the compact disc in ’82, and the MP3 in ’89

are all evidence of this. Soon, records and their associated audio gear were more often found in landfills than on store shelves. With so many indisputable facts against the format, how did LPs manage to make a comeback?

First and most importantly, vinyl has been embraced by many artists, big and small, due in

large part to the nostalgia associated with the format. With more and more big names releasing projects via record, the industry received a much-needed shock to the heart. Second, the aesthetic component — namely the fact that records offer a much larger canvas for album covers, as well as more room for lyrics and inserts — means records can easily serve as centerpieces for décor. Finally, there is an argument for the overall sound quality of records being superior to any competing format, though this is often disputed by enthusiasts of other formats.

While the sound quality debate has yet to be concluded, the war between digital and physical media seems to be over (for now).



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