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tech, finance, entertainment and marketing sectors, to share their knowledge. Mdakhi herself is often invited to speak about the opportunities available to black women in Africa. “I realized from my own personal experiences as a entrepreneur that there was a need to create spaces where aspiring and established female entrepreneurs can feel safe to share their stories and also learn from others,” she says. Mdakhi was born and raised in the small town of Newcastle in Kwazulu-Natal. “When I was young I wanted to be a teacher. Then, from watching Generations , I decided to be a marketer. They had an agency called New Horizons on that soapie and I was always fascinated by what they did,” she recalls. In 2001, Mdakhi moved to Johannesburg to begin her studies at UJ. “I never put any thought to what it would cost. I just knew that university was what was expected of me. My grandmother volunteered to take over my

study costs, as I was raised by my mother’s side of the family and they had always taken care of me,” says Mdakhi. Entering entrepreneurship Years later, Mdakhi had her first child, now 13 years old. “I worked for Multichoice and Discovery in a space of 2-3 years, but quickly realised it was not for me. So I started my first business in 2009, the deejaying school for girls,” she says. “The deejaying school was my partner’s idea (DJ Oskido). For me, it was the opportunity to get started as an entrepreneur. We didn’t know much about business but we figured it out and the school is still running eight years later.” From this experience, she saw the need for an agency that understands corporate challenges and needs as well as talent potential and challenges. Thus “Edits Communications” was born. Recently, Mdakhi launched another empowerment platform called

AGENDA WOMEN. “AGENDA WOMEN” is my life’s work. I am excited to be embarking on this new journey. This is a global business that will not only touch the lives of South African women but women around the world,” she says. The importance of perseverance Perseverance is critical to success in business, she says. “It has certainly been key to my success. I never give up, and with maturity I have also learnt to allow the universe to guide me to the next thing. But I cannot imagine never getting up when defeated and trying one more time,” she says. Africa, she says, is her other passion. “I would love to see Africans embrace the beauty of our continent, wake up to the opportunities that exist and deeply understand just how badass we are as Africans,” she smiles. Although Mdakhi did not graduate, she has plans to study further in the near future. “I am keen to get an MBA,” she says.



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