Edition 3

MASTERCLASSES Equip yourself with the latest insights to make an impact in your organisation in Industry 4.0 Coaching and Mentoring Change is disruptive by nature and necessary. To deny, ignore or refuse to partake and contribute results in unhealthy behaviours neither conducive to the individual or the organisation. The aim in this masterclass is to provide individuals with better tools towards managing oneself through a change initiative and to continue to contribute, explore and progress continually once a change initiative has been implemented. 13 August 2019 Blockchain – An introduction for business Blockchain has the potential to be the most disruptive technological innovation since the internet, affecting every aspect of business - there is no industry that will not be affected in one way or another. This masterclass is the definitive introduction to blockchain for a non-developer audience - whether you are running your own business or are part of an enterprise. 5 September 2019 EyeGym Visual Intelligence: Making better decisions under pressure The world of work is changing and there is untapped potential in organisations. In the future, the social and emotional skills as well as more advanced cognitive skills will be increasingly important. The EyeGym aims to support people to focus their abilities allowing them to make more insightful and quicker decisions. 30 September 2019




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