Orange County Insight 10/2020

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Happy Fall, and Welcome to the new Orange County Insight!

This newsletter is intended to keep employees, residents, businesses, and visitors to Orange County connected with their local government. With nearly 400 employees and over 37,000 residents, it can be a challenge to communicate across the many department and service locations of Orange County government. We hope to highlight the dy- namic activities of your local government as we work to improve the great quality of life we have here in Central Virginia. As this is my first “ Ted Talk, ” I want to first thank the Board of Supervisors and County staff for the warm welcome I received as I assumed the role of County Administrator in April. Admittedly, this has been the most unusual transition into a new organization that I have experienced in my 30 plus year career in local government. Meeting staff through Zoom is not ideal, and there are many who I have yet to meet as we emphasize social distancing and teleworking whenever possible. Nevertheless, I am proud of the efforts we have made to keep public services operating during the pandemic and the support we are providing to our businesses and nonprofit partners through CARES Act grants. I look forward to future issues of the Orange County Insight through which I plan to share more information about how Orange County is working to make a difference in people ’ s lives and to help us all learn a bit more about local government.

Ted Voorhees, Orange County Administrator

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