US Solar March 2019

DONATE WITH CARE T H E R I GH T WAY TO DONAT E AF T E R S P R I NG - C L EAN I NG Spring is in the air, and it’s time to celebrate with another round of spring- cleaning. Banish the clutter and make room in your life for something new! Many charities see a sharp increase in donations as spring-cleaning season starts. Donating your used books, kids’ toys, and gently worn clothing allows your old items to have a second life. However, when filling that donation box, make sure you’re donating each item because it can do good and not just because you feel bad about throwing it away. Charities have a big problem with well-meaning citizens dropping off items that are better left in the trash. There are many items charities simply cannot handle. Most charities will have lists of items they can and cannot accept on their websites. Some items that you should not donate include:

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KIND WORDS! “The installation was quick. It only took a day after the company came out and installed it. In the same week, I signed the contract. The power company had to come out to my property and install a newmeter. That part took a significant amount of time —almost two months —but I suppose that’s on the power company. Ryan was there to answer all of my questions and concerns. US Solar

has awesome customer service. I’m giving a five-star rating because, in the first month, my solar panels generated twice as much electricity than I used the prior month without solar panels. I currently have a credit with TECO so I won’t have to pay a light bill anymore as long as I live in this house and the sun keeps shining.” –Anonymous

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Expired medications

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Old TVs



Tangled cords or phone chargers Any broken, damaged, or dirty items

Loose remote controls

“Ryan and his group were such a great set of people to work with when it came to setting our house up for the future. My husband and I were looking into getting solar panels for our home for quite some time, so when Ryan came to our door, it was fate. Ryan and his team answered any and all questions that we had with a personal touch. I will and have recommended his company to everyone I come across. You will not be disappointed!” –Desiree Dolly

Personal care items, like soap, shampoo, or makeup

These items may be unsafe to sell, costly to ship, or impossible to refurbish effectively. When a charity regularly receives items they cannot use, they have to spend hours of manpower sorting through things that end up in the trash anyway. This process can be expensive for organizations with already-strained resources. Some local charities spend over $1,000 a year on dumpster and trash removal fees for unusable donations. While charities will have no choice but to throw unusable donations in the trash, there are services you can use to make your spring-cleaning eco- friendly, even for items you can’t donate. For example, if you have torn or stained blue jeans, reach out to Blue Jeans Go Green. This program keeps denim out of landfills by turning it into insulation. And while Goodwill can’t take your batteries or old flip phone, you can check out to learn how to safely recycle your e-waste.

Your donations can be a big help to local charities. Just don’t “donate” your garbage.

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